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July 1, 2019

Avoid Investing in Wrong Luxury Watches That Don’t Offer ROI

Branding is necessary these days. People are given standards based on the brands they wear. Therefore, youngsters are very particular about all the brands they wrap around. One of the most essential parts of their lifestyle is watches. Most youngsters keep ordinary watch for regular use, but one expensive timepiece that can be worn on special occasions. Luxury watches are considered precious because of the extra features added to it. The more features, the more complicated is its machinery. This makes it a unique and timeless piece.

There is a particular style of wearing a watch. Every man cannot wear a typical watch. Even luxury watches have their own segment of customers to target. For example, if it is a waterproof watch, with a rubber strap and a large dial, then you will find ads where a sports athlete is wearing it while swimming. However, for a classic and elegant timepiece, a celebrity wearing it in a royal gathering with formal attire is what emphasized on.

Luxury watches have their own class, and therefore, not all are meant for everyone. They may be expensive, but not every watch is unaffordable. However, a luxury watch doesn’t mean, it will sit everyone. Therefore, here are some useful tips to remember before spending money on the wrong timepiece:

  • Blindly going with brand name
  • Beyond budget
  • Inadequate size
  • Less return on investment
  • Too much opinion
  • Going with trend
  • Unable to wear with everything
  • Going for fake

Blindly going with brand name

There are many brands in the market, but it is insane to buy anything based on brand’s name. Every brand has its high-end classic piece, which is made with a lot of effort. Thus, not all of their watches will be similar. Of course that doesn’t mean they will add cheap parts to it, but definitely, they won’t have best-engineered features in it.

Beyond budget

Buying a brand just because your friend has it is the wrong decision. Your friend may belong to the upper class and can afford it, but you have to think wisely. There are many expensive brands like Patek Philippe, Breguet Grande, Audemars Piguet, etc. that are expensive but classic pieces. However, there are also brands like Seiko, IWC, and Cartier Tank with unique features. The “Tank” is a series of watches that are made by Cartier. The “Tank” has got its fame after Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy and many others wearing it. It has a simple look, but the Cartier brand itself makes it a superior model.

Inadequate size

Every size of the watch is made, keeping in mind different kinds of wrist and appearances. For example, a lady with a feminine appearance will always prefer a small dial, but a woman who is rough and strong will prefer large dial.

Similarly, men with elegance will like a flat dial with flat and thin glasses, but men who are athletes will love large dial with special features and a dynamic look. It may take some experiments to know the right size for your wrist, but don’t just buy any brand and then regret.

Less return on investment

Various brands are competing with each other. You may never know in-ear future which brand’s value will appreciate or depreciate. Therefore, buying a brand that is expensive today, thinking that it may give you good returns in the future will be a mistake.

Many people buy luxury watches, which is out of their budget. They never wear it because it may get scratched and its value might depreciate. You should pick a brand that leaves you with no guilt because there isn’t any guarantee that the same brand will hold the same value till decades.

Too much opinion

Too many cooks spoil the broth, similarly too many opinions can confuse you. When you start collecting timepieces, there will be millions of thoughts in your mind, and those thoughts can be double burdened by different opinions.

Before deciding to go for a particular brand, it is good to read some watch blogs or go through some forums to understand every brand and its specifications. In the end, it should be your decision and not your peers’ decision.

Going with trend

Trends keep changing, thus what is in demand right now might fade away soon. You may like the current trend of carbon fiber, which makes the watch light and durable, but soon, there might be some other material, which will make watches lighter.

All the brands are not perfect for every occasion. There may be a chance that you bought something which is currently trending, but unable to wear regularly and doesn’t fit all occasions. Buy something which will stay with you for a longer time in terms of fashion and not a timepiece that is trendy today but not tomorrow.

Unable to wear with everything

As discussed above, carbon fiber may be in trend, but will not be in demand forever. Similarly, not all watches can be worn on every occasion. For example, Rolex can be used daily but will look weird in board meetings.

Similarly, the casual watch is a perfect combination with jeans and Tees or three-piece suit but will look bizarre in formal events or gatherings. Therefore, spending money on something which can be worn rarely and most of the time will remain in a case is a waste of money. You don’t want to open wardrobe with a sigh to see the most expensive luxury watch lying in its case, waiting for its turn to come out.

Many things should be taken into account when buying a luxury watch:

  • Water resistant
  • Chronograph function
  • High contrast dial
  • Anti-magnetism
  • Shock resistant

These factors also help in deciding which watch is durable and suitable. These factors are the best way to judge the right type of model for your lifestyle.

If you can’t afford an expensive watch, that doesn’t mean you’ll go for fake watches. There may be someone in the crowd who can identify it easily, making you embarrassed in public. So if you’re thinking of buying two fake watches at the price of an original, then stop your thought right there.

If you avoid these few mistakes, then surely you’ll get a good and durable watch in your budget that will give you a sense of satisfaction at the end.

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