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The Issue Of Plagiarism In Czech Universities

Plagiarism is approached with a zero-tolerance policy around the world, but in the Czech Republic, things are a little different. Generally, while it isn’t always punishable by law in universities, several institutions will take disciplinary action against the practice, ensuring that students learn their lesson and stop plagiarising work in the future. Detecting plagiarism is… Keep Reading


Job Outlook for Teachers in 2018

Teaching is among various sought-after professions. Since a teacher is responsible for molding the life of its students, thus it is not an easy task. They have to put much more hard work focusing on the progress of its student. The Current Job Scenario The demand for teachers has never seen a drop, nor it… Keep Reading


Reduce Your Stress Around the University Application

Applying to university is without a doubt a stressful and time-consuming process. As technology continues to evolve, however, people are looking to the mass communication potential of the internet for ways to simplify the dreaded application process. In this article, we will review the steps necessary to get you admitted to the university of your… Keep Reading


Take Back Control Of Our Learning!

This three-word rhetorical masterpiece has been plentiful in recent political debates both in the Czech Republic, the UK, and other countries. It has also been bubbling in the head of Czech Republic´s leading educational innovator Ondřej Šteffl. But in a slightly different sense. While the former called for secession from the villainous EU bureaucrats, Ondřej… Keep Reading

SAP training videos

Simplify Your SAP Training with Videos

Do you want to pursue the best course and get the right job in the business world? If you answered yes, SAP is the right way to go. SAP is an accounting software that is utilized by both small and big corporations. The most successful companies that appear in the Fortune 500 companies use SAP.… Keep Reading

Czechs travel visa-free USA

Unraveling the Top H1-B Visa Myths

New imminent changes to the U.S. Government’s H1-B visa program has created confusion — and in some quarters, panic — about what may be on the horizon. To help separate fact from fiction, I’ll unravel some of the top H1-B visa myths for Czech and international travelers to the U.S.: Myth: H1-B visas can be… Keep Reading


4 Tips To Find The Right College

Good education has always been appreciated, but everyone knows that it is important to choose the right educational institution. After finishing school, most students think about continuing their studies at a university or college. It’s the right decision for ambitious young people because higher education opens a lot of opportunities for a person, increases their… Keep Reading


How to get your face onscreen

The Prague Film School offers intensive, comprehensive training for aspiring film, TV actors Located in a nearly 1,000-year-old building on Pštrossova Street in Prague’s New Town, the Prague Film School (PFS) prides itself on being a hands-on institution that attracts a wide array of quality teachers from the film industry to instruct its 60-odd students… Keep Reading

Times Higher Education Ranking

Ranking claims Charles University isn’t nation’s best

Times Higher Education list puts Czech schools in surprising order Prague, Oct 2 (ČTK) — Nine out of 26 public universities in the Czech Republic are listed among the 800 best schools in the world in the Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) 2015-2016 presented in Melbourne on Thursday, daily Lidové noviny (LN) writes today. The… Keep Reading


Czechs open their universities for Syrian refugees

Program is to be launched next academic year as humanitarian project Prague, May 3 (ČTK) — At least 20 students from the ranks of Syrian refugees in Jordan may be enrolled at Czech universities in the next six years, according to the study program proposed by the Foreign Ministry and to be debated by the… Keep Reading

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