May 12, 2022

5 Fascinating Facts About Honey

Starting as nectar found in plants and flowers, honey is a soft and sticky substance that is created by bees to strengthen their wings and keep them warm during the winter months. While seven species of bees make honey, the average bee will only create a twelfth of a teaspoon in its lifetime, which is unusual given the amount of excess they have inside the hive. If it wasn’t for beekeepers, this excess would go to waste.

Thankfully, however, beekeepers are dedicated to removing excess honey and making it readily available for the market. This is a good thing for us because honey is not only a useful and necessary product for bees but also a nutritious and healthy substance for humans too. For centuries we have been taken in by its sweetness. We use it in anything from desserts, to meals, to drinks. You can find traces of its significance from the average high street to the Israeli Judaica web, where there are even dishes specially made just for honey, and its symbolic value for the religion. Whether it’s a trickle in a tea or a dollop to sweeten a whisky, honey has always been there to enjoy and savor.

The fascination we have for honey doesn’t necessarily just come with its taste, however. There is a lot more to honey than meets the eye. Read on to find out five interesting facts which will have you craving honey by the time you finish.

Honey Is The Only Food-Created By Insects And Enjoyed By Humans

Bees were around long before humans were, but we didn’t take long after arriving to share in their spoils. Honey has appeared in many recipes and remedies for thousands of years and it’s not surprising why. It is rich in nutrients, sugar, and antioxidants, and has even been said to be effective as an antidepressant.

It Is Not Necessarily Enjoyed By Everyone 

Although we have a sweet tooth when it comes to honey, it is not shared by every other animal. Cats are unable to even taste honey. So it’s probably still best to treat your feline friend with a glass of milk.

It Takes A Lot Of Effort. Seriously, A Lot

As mentioned earlier, just one bee will create around a twelfth of a teaspoon in its lifetime. With this in mind, it would take a colony of bees a lifetime, flying over 55,000 miles and visiting 2 million flowers, just to create one pound of honey. Next time you buy a jar, just be thankful for how much work those bees have undertaken to prepare it.

Honey Bees Like A Little Dance Now And Then

When bees return to the hive after collecting nectar for honey, they tend to give a little dance to point the others in the way of flowers with nectar and pollen. This is one of the ways bees communicate with each other and gain assistance in collecting their resources.

Humans Have A Funny History With Honey

When you look into it, you will find many weird and wonderful historical facts regarding honey. Thousands of years ago, women used to apply honey to their linen to prevent pregnancy. As well as this, honey was sometimes used as spiritual offerings, with the ancient Pharaoh Ramses III once dumping over 30,000 pounds into the River Nile as a honey sacrifice.

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