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Interview with EDM Pioneer and Star, DJ Enrique Cadena Marin

DJ Enrique Cadena Marin’s music career started off as mere experimentation. Influenced by classical Latin American folk music, classic pop, and reggae, along with contemporary rap and indie, Cadena Marin blended high-energy beats into a unique concoction of melodies. The results didn’t end in a cacophony of arrangements, though. Instead, DJ Enrique created a new… Keep Reading

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Why You Should Learn To Play Piano

The piano is something I’m convinced almost anyone can pick up on. In fact, according to a survey by the ABRSM, over 34% of adults in the U.K currently play the piano. Why is this the case? Because as perhaps one of the simplest skills to pick up, it can open doors to an immense… Keep Reading

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The Wasteland of Poetry Criticism

“No one reads poetry anymore” is perhaps the most often voiced complaint from contemporary poets, and despite the fact that what they really mean is “No one reads my poetry,” it is difficult to argue this point when one casts an eye on the barren landscape of poetry criticism in the mainstream media. Some optimistic… Keep Reading

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