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Delaena Kalevor on the 25 Year History of NAFTA

NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, was instituted 25 years ago in 1994. The trade agreement has endured criticism from both parties over the past two decades. Despite its downsides, the trade agreement has helped to grow American jobs and promote free trade between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Delaena Kalevor, a… Keep Reading

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Harold Adrion’s Analysis of Global Corporate Tax Reform

Lower-income countries are often disadvantaged when global corporate taxes are in force. The residence of the company is the factor determining its corporate tax liability. If a company has no physical presence in a country, it generally does not need to pay taxes there. In today’s shifting information economy, many companies doing business in a… Keep Reading

Foreign Exchange
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Yelian Garcia on Global Central Banks & the Decline in Foreign Exchange

The dollar’s share of the global foreign reserves hit its lowest point since 2013, as central bankers have begun net sellers or treasuries. As the ‘de-dollarization’ trend continues to pick up steam, a full-time MBA student and CFA candidate, Yelian Garcia explains the fluctuating changes in foreign exchange reserves. What are Foreign Exchange Reserves? Foreign… Keep Reading

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Dutchess Partners Caution How Debt Affects Other Areas of Life

Debt is one of the most challenging burdens for most Americans today. While the economy is thriving, many Americans have increasingly become weighed down with substantial debt. Part of the debt difficulty for many people stemmed from the years when the economy was doing poorly. This had left a sizable amount of the population with… Keep Reading

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Price of Gold Dropped Amid Dollar Resurgence

The price of gold fell significantly last week thanks to a stronger dollar and rising stocks prices. The longs have pulled back for now, with the price going through a key support level. Investors might have a wait-and-see approach before entering the gold market. You can check the current gold rates in Dubai on business24-7.ae… Keep Reading

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Isaac Gilinski Explains How Brickell Analytics Successfully Predicted the Decline of the Australian Dollar

Brickell Analytics and Isaac Gilinski, the company’s Owner, use a combination of short-term sentiment analysis and long-term wave theory to achieve accurate financial forecasting results. The path to Overheating of the Australian economy The Federal Reserve cut interest rates between 2000 and 2008. First, after the dot-com bubble busted in 2000, and then, after the… Keep Reading

Renewable Energy
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Is Investing in the Global Renewable Energy Sector in 2019 a Good Idea?

The world is going green, everyone says. For businesses, this often means using more environment-friendly ways of doing business. From the perspective of an investor, going green may mean impact investing, that is making investments in schemes that aim to make a positive impact on the environment. Investing in renewable or alternative energy has become… Keep Reading

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How Has the Eurozone Debt Crisis Affected the Czech Republic?

The Eurozone debt crisis is still the elephant in the room and still affecting a majority of European countries – even those that don’t outwardly show signs of distress. However, even countries outside of the euro have seen undue distress due to the crisis. The Czech Republic was all set to adopt the EUR –… Keep Reading

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