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Engagement Rings Trends of 2020

With so many options, it’s understandable that people find it difficult to decide upon a model of engagement ring. There’s never too early to start looking for one, and if you are planning to pop the question soon, it’s essential to know what the trends will be in 2020. To help you find the right… Keep Reading

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10 Little Things That Can Lead to Divorce

The relationship between two people in love is not always straightforward and comfortable, and when it comes to marriage, the stakes are raised. Online divorce service in New York has outlined ten destructive habits that most often lead to the separation of even the most “perfect” couples. Mistakes of spouses in marriage often have irreparable… Keep Reading

flower girl
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4 Great Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

A flower girl is perhaps the cutest attendee of a wedding where a young girl whose age is between 4 and 8 walks down the aisle scattering flowers all around. This cute little girl is either a family friend or a cousin. A flower girl carries a little basket in her delicate hands to spread… Keep Reading

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Fancy Diamond Engagement Rings And Their Celebrity Owners

Some things in our world have expensive price tags including cars, houses, and engagement rings. Then there are those individuals who take it to whole other level by purchasing superbly luxurious and fancy variants. Here is a list of celebrities who own some of the world’s most lavish engagement rings that are worth a fortune.… Keep Reading

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4 Tips for Buying an Anniversary Ring for Your Wife

How to Select a Dazzling Anniversary Ring for Your Wife Your wedding anniversary is a special day that promises excitement, the return of wonderful memories, and anticipation of many more years to come. Probably no gift can adequately express the way you feel for your wife, purchasing a ring on a significant anniversary — such… Keep Reading

wedding ring
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Do You Really Need Wedding Band Insurance?

Think about it. You wouldn’t leave your car uninsured. You would leave your fine art uninsured. You wouldn’t even leave your cell phone uninsured. So why would you want to leave your wedding band without some form of insurance? It might sound crazy at first, but when you consider how important insurance can be for… Keep Reading

wedding catering
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Why Internships in the Wedding Marketplace Are Trending?

The average wedding now costs close to $27k in the United States. That cost is what’s currently driving a huge boom in companies intending to capitalize on catering to rings, flowers, photography, and more for the bride and groom. Internships across the wedding marketplace are growing as a result of an increase in the availability… Keep Reading

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