December 29, 2021

Fond of Swiss Craftsmanship? Here’s Your Breitling Watch Buying Guide

Breitling watches have a magical appeal for a lot of people, and with good reason. These products are an unrivaled example of Swiss craftsmanship that’s unique in its way.

While Switzerland is one of the smallest countries in Europe, Swiss craftsmanship has a huge international status for quality. From delicacies like cheese to sturdy Swiss Army Knives and reliable watches, consumers and manufacturers agree that cutlery, steel, pewter, cheese, and other Swiss-made products are beyond compare.

When it comes to watches, Breitling remains one of the few independent large-scale Swiss watch brands. They’re instantly recognized for their advanced inner mechanics, top-tier material selection, and luxury design that can make even the most conformist buyer fall for it.

Luxury watches can often be hard to choose, especially if you do it online, but Breitlings are always a good choice. If you’re interested in purchasing a Breitling watch for you or someone dear to and doesn’t know how this guide should do. 

Choosing Your Breitling Watches 

This brand offers a range of watch stylings across their primary lineups. Each one comes with its pros and cons and is meant to fulfill several niches. If you’re out and about to make your first purchase, then you should know what you aim to get from your Breitling watch. 

Breitling For Starters 

When it comes to purchasing your first Breitling timepiece, you can go with whatever you feel best suits you. Breitlings retain value well enough so you can sell them as “vintage” years down the road. 

But if you’re a novice in the world of Breitling, the Chronomat lineup should do. These pieces are reasonably priced, classic in look, attractive, sturdy, and fit almost any occasion. This model is by far Breitling’s most popular lineup of watches, and for a good reason. They are reliable and high-quality products which maintain their value over the years. 

Detail Your Requirements

Choosing a luxury watch is a serious financial move. A tonne of components requires a great deal of attention, not to mention a single mistake could cost you dearly. Therefore, you should be aware of all possible facets before clicking on the purchase tab. Firstly, know your preference. What kind of colors and styles would you like to have in your Breitling piece? 

Do you prefer a silver or gold timepiece? Are you interested in contemporary or more classic pieces? Above all, make sure you know exactly the size and shape of the watch you’d like to own. Like it or not, these aspects are crucial in defining your specifics. Not just that, but knowing what you want and what you like will save you time and help you dodge blunders. Ponder on that and enlist your needs thoroughly.

Are Breitling watches good investment? There’s a huge difference between picking a vintage watch and a regular one. Most of the common watches are priced in the lower range allowing buyers to easily afford the cost of such pieces. But a luxury watch such as Breitling Ocean or Chronomat comes at a much higher price which means you should formulate your budget accordingly. 

Explore Reputable Vendors

Suppose you planned your budget and have your homework in hand. In that case, you should head over to the nearest shop for purchase. But not that fast. If you do so, most likely you will regret your move. You want to verify the store’s credibility to ensure it lives up to your expectations concerning your choice. 

Before anything, make a list of reputable shops dedicated to selling Swiss timepieces. Explore all sources available and ensure you have a comprehensive list. 

  • Breitling Navitimer (Aviation Watch) 

The Navitimer lines come with a classier look and have changed very little since its first launch in the 50s. Navitimers are only waterproof up to 30-meters and are ideal for everyday wear while at work or during casual events. 

  • Breitling Professional (Adventure Watch) 

Also marketed at pilots, the modern Breitling Professional is an excellent multi-sport & adventure watch thanks to its lightweight, multiple functions, and easy wearability. 

  • Breitling Superocean (Dive Watch)

Let’s face it, we love diving watches. This Superocean model is one of the timepieces that made its mark on the underwater world with both its functionality and design. The Superocean Breitling not only resists 200 meters of water pressure but also attracts attention with its elegance and performance. 

  • Breitling for Bentley (Dress Watch)

This timepiece is ideal for those who love speed-meaning motorsport lovers. Breitling for Bentley watches have built-in speedometers, distance trackers and come with attractive Bentley motors co-branding. These are meant for car enthusiasts and motorsport lovers. 

  • Breitling Super Avenger (Military Watch) 

That’s perhaps the best lineup for those Breitling enthusiasts on a tight budget. They can be obtained a bit cheaper, are still hugely attractive, and are multi-functional. The Breitling Super Avenger is water-resistant, sleek, and classic without breaking the bank. 

  • Breitling Chronomat(Aviation Watch) 

The Chronomat model is ideal for almost any occasion. They are general, all-purpose watches that can be worn while at work, playing sports, and even at formal functions. 

These pieces are low-profile in design and sleep and just fancy enough to fit in every situation. 

Before you go…

Buying a luxury watch comes down to what you value the most in a watch. With Breitlings, the sky’s the limit for what you can get from this extraordinary piece. Once you sort out your needs and what you’d like your watch to do for you, you can go about choosing which model best fits your needs. 

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