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Credit Cards
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How to Repair Damaged Credit According to August Funding

There are thousands of people that have credit issues and, according to August Funding, many of them aren’t really sure how to improve their scores. They might feel hopeless or like they’re stuck, but there is some hope. If you’re one of these people who are trying to find a way to have a better… Keep Reading

Credit Cards
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Truman Advisors Explain Why Your Credit Really Matters

Today, people are relying on credit more than ever before. The reason for this could be the fact that there are more lenders and requirements for approval are not as strict as they were before. However, getting these loans requires you to maintain good credit because it will be hard to access any loan with… Keep Reading

credit score
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How to Get Small Business Finance with a Bad Credit History

If you are thinking of starting a business, but have a low credit score, you may find it more difficult to get access to funding. This is because, for many lenders who provide business loans, one fundamental piece of eligibility criteria is having a good credit score, as it is usually indicative of your ability… Keep Reading

credit dispute
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How to Avoid a Bad Credit Rating

A bad credit rating is to be avoided at all costs. It’s the status someone attains when they spend beyond their means and generally prove themselves poor at managing their own money. Subsequently, banks and other lenders are then notified by the rating that they shouldn’t offer loans or financial aid to these individuals. While… Keep Reading

credit score
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Lending Tips with a Poor Credit Score

Having a bad credit score is obviously a major stumbling block for most loan applicants. Banks and other lending institutions such as credit unions view you as a high-risk client. Although every lender has their own loan qualification standards, the primary factor for calculating the terms of your loan often depends on your credit history.… Keep Reading

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Finding The Right Credit Service For a Loan in Singapore

Finding a loan in Singapore can be extremely important if you have not taken out a loan before. Not all lenders are created equal as some will try to charge more interest than others. There are a plethora of factors that will come into consideration when trying to find a loan. If you have defaulted… Keep Reading

matte black car wrap
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Finance Options When Buying A New Car

Having a car is not a luxury any longer, but a necessity. Some of us use cars because we have kids and families that need to be ferried around, and others need a car because of work, either to get to work and back or to use for work. While using public transport is definitely… Keep Reading

travel credit card
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Credit Cards: Good or Bad?

Asking if credit cards are good or bad is like asking if watching television is good or bad. Before we answer the question, we need to look at the uses of credit cards. This will help us determine whether it is good or bad for us. The plastic is convenient for not carrying cash, secure… Keep Reading

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