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March 29, 2024

Mozart: Locked In at Bertramka?

Local Prague legends say that W. A. Mozart was locked in a room at least twice in the Bohemian capital as a playful exercise to compel him to compose something. The fruits of this seemingly involuntary confinement are thought to have been his 6 German
Prague Charles Bridge

Prague: A Walk to Remember

Bikes, cars, trains, even tuk-tuks. Perhaps the most commonly used means to maneuver around a city. I much rather prefer habitats, which wouldn’t need any of them. Even the thought of a
October 5, 2021
Prague Charles Bridge

7 Best Things To Do and See in Prague

With Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic architecture, Prague is a highly dense and rich cultural city. Its juxtapositioned New Town and Old Town offers some incredible museums and galleries, as well as some
November 30, 2019
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