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Prague Gaming Summit 2019
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Prague Gaming Summit 2019 Dates Announced

The Prague Gaming Summit is a favorite way for many in the technology or gaming industry to network, learn and come away with great ideas. The annual gathering produced by European Gaming Events, formerly EEGE Events, the Prague Gaming Summit brings together hundreds of members of people eager to talk about trends, products, challenges, and… Keep Reading

Prague Marketing Festival
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Marketing Festival Comes to Prague on November 9th

Prague’s Congress Centre will host the Marketing Festival on November 9-10, which will see the top names in digital marketing take the stage. The annual event includes 1,700 marketers from around the world, 9 top speakers and 50 workshops. The two-day event will include workshops on Thursday and the top 9 speakers on Friday. The… Keep Reading

Bitcoin Prague
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Prague to host major cryptocurrency and blockchain conference

On May 19, Prague will host a major conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. It will bring together well-known members of European bitcoin community, decentralized economy followers, and blockchain services developers. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is the largest Eastern European network of blockchain conferences held in five countries:… Keep Reading

pro-gun protest
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Weekly Review: Pro-gun Protest In Prague

The banners of a group of protesters who gathered in Prague recently explained their complaints in a style that was nothing if not dramatic. With large capital letters shouting NESAHEJ! ― DON’T TOUCH! ― placards depicted a sinister-looking hand covered in an EU flag moving in to take a Czech gun. Other posters showed the… Keep Reading

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Endangered zoo birds escape

The heavy snow broke a cage net and 18 rare ibises flew out Prague Zoo has made an appeal for the public to help locate 18 Ibises that escaped this morning. At least two have already been caught. ”Nets on the aviary cages at the African rocks broke under the weight of snow and as… Keep Reading

Charles Bridge vandalism
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Police have suspects in Charles Bridge vandalism

Suspected French tourists face three years if caught and convicted Officers have released photos of two young men sought for graffiti on a national monument. Police have released photos of two suspects who are thought to have spray painted white lettering on Charles Bridge, a national monument and major tourist attraction in Prague. The suspects… Keep Reading

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Anti-refugee rallies take place in Prague

Groups met in three different squares, some arrests reported Several anti-immigrant rallies took place in Prague, with a large gathering near Prague Castle at Hradčanské náměstí and smaller ones at Wenceslas Square and Loretánské náměstí. The protests were part of a Europe-wide campaign organized by the German-based Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the… Keep Reading

New Lítačka card was prepared in secret and will be phased in Updated The controversial Opencard, which works as a mass transit pass and library card, will be phased out and replaced with a new card with a working name of Lítačka. Prague City Hall has been working on the preparing the new card in secret. Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) announced the new card at a press conference, after rumors of the launch had already spread through Czech media. “We have prepared a custom solution that is cheap, reliable and above all we will operate it ourselves,” Krnáčová said in a news release. “We will operate in a totally different manner than before. The new solution will cost us less than in the past,” she said. Krnáčová said the card would be launched in test operation in February and people could be using it for travel by the middle of the year. The total cost of the project will not exceed Kč 6 million. The new Lítačka card will be introduced gradually depending on the expiration date of the user’s current Opencard. The two cards will operate side by side in a transition period. The new card, since it is operated by the city, will not require the city to make monthly service payments to the operating company, the news release said. Opencard was launched in 2007, but there were allegations at the time that the cost of the project was too high and several audits were launched. A police investigation concluded in 2010 concluded the project was overpriced, and several city councilors were charged with violating competition laws and received suspended sentences. Some of the sentences were eventually overturned or softened, however. To date, the Opencard project has cost the Kč 1.74 billion. The Opencard project continues to be controversial, with the current operator and the city locked in a dispute with the current operator eMoneyServices (EMS) over access to the program to operate the cards. Krnáčová cited Opencard as one of the most egregious examples of problems in city administration when she took office in November 2014. She said in 2015 that Opencard would be replaced within two years. Opposition politicians from TOP 09 and the Civic Democrats (ODS) voiced objections to the project being developed in secrecy. EMS representatives also voiced objections to the new card.
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Prague preparing alternative to Opencard

New Lítačka card was prepared in secret and will be phased in Updated The controversial Opencard, which works as a mass transit pass and library card, will be phased out and replaced with a new card with a working name of Lítačka. Prague City Hall has been working on the preparing the new card in… Keep Reading

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Thief hides in restaurant, pigs out on six geese and three ducks

… and a four liter jar of pickles, six kilograms of goose fat and liver, poppy seeds and butter before being caught at opening time The plan does not seem to have been fully thought out. A 48-year-old man hid is a restaurant on Mezibranská Street in Prague 1, just off of Wenceslas Square, at closing… Keep Reading

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