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China Keeps a Clandestine Den of Spies

The glory days of the 1960s through the 1980s, when the United States had global economic, technological and military supremacy are over. Under President Xi Jinping’s rule, China is fast catching up and may now be on a level with the US on every front. While American experts did everything, from brainstorming the concept, doing… Keep Reading

Istanbul Airport 1
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Istanbul’s New Airport Aims to be the Largest in the World

It’s award-winning and already hit with controversies. Istanbul’s new airport was officially inaugurated on Monday, October 29, on the national republic holiday of Turkey, although it won’t be fully functioning until the end of the year. Istanbul’s third airport and the world’s largest terminal will serve with half of its capacity for a while until… Keep Reading

Trump - Moon Jae-in meeting
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Why The U.S. May Need To Choose Between Japan And South Korea

The United States, Japan, and South Korea. There was never any question of the latter two being key Asian allies of the superpower. But for the US to have to choose between Tokyo and Seoul sounds unthinkable. The US is synonymous with invincibility, indestructibility. And then again, there was 9/11. Japan and the Republic of… Keep Reading

hurricane irma watch live stream
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Hurricane Irma Live Stream: Where is it now? Watch Live

Hurricane Irma has been getting closer and closer to the continental United States before its expected landfall in Florida. The hurricane was over Cuba from early Saturday morning to the early afternoon. It’s expected to arrive to Florida on Sunday morning. Watch the live stream and see the exact location of Hurricane Irma: Irma Updates… Keep Reading

Andrei Karlov
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Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead in Ankara

UPDATE 10:00 PM: According to the officials, the gunman was a Turkish police officer. Turkish and Russian officials stated that there is a strong evidence that the gunman has ties with the Gulen movement, who organized a failed coup attempt back in July, 15. They also stated that this murder attack was likely planned to… Keep Reading

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Global survey reveals strong support for Geneva Conventions

Geneva (ICRC) – With fighting intensifying around the Syrian city of Aleppo, a new survey, published today, on how people around the world perceive a range of issues relating to war, indicates overwhelming support in the belief that wars should have limits. It also reveals deeply concerning views on torture and civilian casualties. The survey… Keep Reading

Jiri Dienstbier
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Presidential race: Dienstbier popular but trailing

ČSSD senator is affirmed as the most popular politician ČSSD Deputy Chairman and Senator Jiří Dienstbier Jr. A recent poll found that Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) Deputy Chairman and Senator Jiří Dienstbier Jr. is the country’s most popular politician, even as another survey finds him trailing in the race to replace President Václav Klaus next… Keep Reading

Elena Goralová
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Government admits forced sterilization

Roma women endure flood of emotions after years of seeking justice The government expressed its regret to Roma women who were sterilized without their consent but admitted the practice may still be taking place. Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb told The Prague Post the decision to address the issue had the complete backing… Keep Reading

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UN issues new report on Ukraine

Ukraine: Growing despair among over 3 million civilians in conflict zone GENEVA March 3, 2016 — Despite a decrease in the number of civilian casualties in the east of Ukraine over the past few months, a new UN report shows that the conflict is severely impacting on the daily life of civilians, with a growing… Keep Reading

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