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Startup Launches High-Cost Loan Alternative

A UK based start-up business, Wagestream, whose aim is to put an end to payday loans, has recently received a £40m investment from a variety of different firms including one that invested in Wonga, the former payday loan giant that went into administration late last year. Wagestream has developed new technology which, by paying a… Keep Reading

student loan
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Pros and Cons of Online Student Loans

Attending a college or university is costly. Tuition fees for a four-year course in a private college cost over a whopping $40,000 for just a year. Public universities offer courses at a lower price, but the average $10,000 is still far from affordable. Studies suggest that prices are expected to increase in the following years.… Keep Reading

unsecured and secured working capital loan
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Build Business Credit with a Bad Credit Score

Entrepreneurs may have poor credit for many reasons, including college debt, bankruptcy, or divorce–just to name a few. For many startup businesses, this can make it difficult to build business credit. The good news is, there’s a way to build business credit despite a lower personal credit score, and you don’t need to wait for… Keep Reading

Phillip Hammond
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How the Budget Will Help Those with Long-Term Debt in the UK

The 2018 budget is being released today by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, and a lot of it aims to help those who have found themselves with long-term debt. Phillip Hammond is set to unveil a plan to solve problem debt, helping those trapped in debt which has been caused by payday loans… Keep Reading

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Payday Lenders Worried About Rise in Claims

The once thriving payday loan industry in the UK is on the verge of collapse following the recent rise in compensation claims, reports the Prague Post. Although the industry was once worth around £2 billion in 2013, it has recently seen a huge overhaul following the introduction of stricter regulation by the FCA which has… Keep Reading

credit score
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Lending Tips with a Poor Credit Score

Having a bad credit score is obviously a major stumbling block for most loan applicants. Banks and other lending institutions such as credit unions view you as a high-risk client. Although every lender has their own loan qualification standards, the primary factor for calculating the terms of your loan often depends on your credit history.… Keep Reading

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