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Tudor Black Bay
July 28, 2018

Best Ways to Spot a Fake Tudor Black Bay

While 15-30% of internet searches on watches involve people looking for replicas, Swiss watch industry states that the replica watch market costs them billions of dollars. There are too many online marketing companies that sell replica products. It is essential for us to be aware of these companies, and this can only be done when we know the difference between the original and the fake product. Some people can’t afford the original products, so they go for the replicas or fake ones. Manufacturing replica watches are also trending these days. This is a threat to both buyers and the manufacturers. The appearance of most of the watches is similar to the original. Then there come the companies, that make an exact copy of the original ones and sell them on the original price. Tudor Black Bay is among one of the famous watches used by the people worldwide. Replicas of Tudor Black Bay are also available in markets, and many online shops that sell replicas had been reported. Some of the companies change the bracelet of the watches as well to not to get caught!

There are different ways to check if a Tudor Black Bay is original or fake. These are very important for the customers who are buying online products. While purchasing a Tudor Black Bay, always check the bezel, the crown, case, the dial, the luminous part, back case and above all, the price! Let’s observe the mentioned features of both original and fake Tudor Black Bay:

● The bezel

The fame of the Tudor Black Bay is because of its red bezel. There is a color difference in the bezel. Moreover, the numerals printing are also changing. In the original watch, the numerals are sharply written and are crispy. But in the fake one, they are sloppy.

● The pip

Pip is a circle that is present above 12 on the bezel. In the original watch, it is smaller in size and is accurately domed, but in the fake one, it is out of the boundary line.

● The dial

Once again, the printing in the dial is not that sharp in the fake one. The color of the dial is lighter black than that of the original.

● The hands

The hand with long length and the second needle is at the edge of the boundary in the original watch, however, in the fake watch, the length of both of these needles is slightly short.

● The luminous parts

The best way to identify which watch is original is by checking the intensity of brightness in a luminous part. In the fake watch the color of lume is intense green while in the original watch, it is slightly lighter green than pure green color. Moreover, the luminous parts are slightly blurred in fake watches.

● The crown

The size of the crown in both cases is the same, but the engravings of the design are sharp and can be felt by just touching it in the original watch. Moreover, the crown is compact and very tightly bound and heavily embossed with the bezel, it is also thinner and smaller in size in fake ones.

● The case back

In fake Tudor Black Bay, the engravings on the case back are deeper and slightly smaller in size than the original one.

● The movement

Checking the movement of the watch is a professional’s task. The movement is behind the case back, the machinery of the watch. Most of the companies have also started copying its design as well. The real and newly designed movement is ETA 2824, which is very difficult to copy.

Be an expert and a confident person while examining the watch. You should know the price of the original Tudor Black Bay as well. The price varies because of the leather and metal used. The latest price ranges from $2,800 to 3,800.

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