September 30, 2021

Pendants That Will Look Brilliant With Monotone Outfits

Like most things in life, a sense of aesthetics is all about balance. Having harmony, a contrast to what you’re wearing is a basic essence of your style. Your selection of jewelry becomes even more important if you like wearing simple, monotone outfits. There are great chances that you would choose your jewelry that will have minimal design if your liking is towards minimal outfits. But that is not how one should aspire to function.

Each outfit is different. And choosing the very right accessory is more crucial than you think it is. Elaborate dresses need a specific kind of pendants on your necklace, while your day-to-day dresses need a different kind. It is really up to you what you pair with what. You should remember that it will define the style and statement you are trying to make. Letting your jewelry speak for itself is a better way to go forward if you are into subtle, monotone outfits. Read on to find the best pairings of pendants for your monotone outfits:

1. Shungite Pendant

Shungite Pendant

The Shungite pendant is attributed with such infinite powers that make it a completely rare and sacred piece of jewelry. Wearing a Shungite pendant daily will ward off any negativity in your surroundings and help heal your body’s flow of energy. The pendant will create an aura of overall positivity; it will keep you protected from ill thoughts and provide secure vibrations throughout the day. You can easily pair this with your monotone outfits to add more focus and polish to your entire glam look. 

2. White Diamond Pendant

White Diamond Pendant

In an endless array of life’s complexities, it’s fairly simple to select the best jewelry to match your best outfits, such as a white diamond pendant. Not only will White Diamond jewelry add the perfect amount of class and elegance to your outfits, but it helps you stand out in a crowd of mediocrity with the added shimmering diamonds. If you want to add enough glamour to your monotone look, then a diamond pendant strung to a sleek metallic chain is all you need. With this, you can face each milestone in life, looking like a diva. 

3. Jade Pendant

Jade Pendant

If you’re craving an alluring and enigmatic piece for your monotone outfit, which has enough pigment and rarity, then you don’t have to look beyond a Jade pendant. Jade jewelry has been known to emit healing properties and help people recover from illnesses since ancient times. It is a powerful stone that can absorb negative energies and provide the wearer with a positive outlook towards life. The finishing of the stone will also add a soft texture to your overall look and elevate your ensemble. To style your next statement outfit and lock the onlooker’s gaze, all you need is a jade pendant with a metal chain along with your drop-dead gorgeous smile. 

4. Ruby Pendant

Ruby Pendant

Paint a stunning look with your monotone outfit with a high polish platinum pendant featuring a ravishing Ruby. You can choose between different designs and cuts for the high polished stone or stick to a classic singular piece encrusted in a high-quality metal chain. Women wearing Ruby jewelry will give them an exclusive look as it’s one of the most popular selections in gemstones. Adorn this pendant to complement your monotone look and turn your monotonous routine into a sparkly one! The stone’s enigmatic red tone will mesmerize those around you and create a look of fierce femininity. Your entire outfit will become unforgettable by simply adding this pendant with a slender chain.

5. Tanzanite Pendant

Tanzanite Pendant

Women that want to add poise and finish to their formal wear, which looks and feels truly magical, can try pairing Tanzanite pendants with their monotone outfits. A high-quality cut Tanzanite jewel will add all the sparkle missing from your everyday life and offer more brilliance than your previous coworker. Styling your monotone outfit with a Tanzanite pendant will ensure that the stone is well protected and remains scratchless, even if you wear it daily. The enigmatic luster of the blue-purple stone will add a perfect royal touch to your monotone look and give you the look of a true queen, as you are. 

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