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Dental Health
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Marianne Cohan D.D.S. Discusses Why Dental Health Is Important

Having a beautiful smile is something that many people take for granted. After all, people normally do not realize how important their dental health is until they run into problems. For instance, try to remember the last time that you stopped and considered your dental health when there wasn’t a looming issue. Odds are, like… Keep Reading

Michael Coleman
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What is GBS? Inside the Disease That Almost Took Michael Coleman’s Life

Michael Coleman is an experienced character actor, director, producer, educator, and mentor who has appeared on the popular television show “Once Upon a Time.” His production company, Rebel West Pictures, has some feature films in the pipeline, including the film Thirty-Seventeen. He has also produced and directed films like The Best Day Ever. He is… Keep Reading

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Schlomo Schmuel Explains the Basics of Podiatry

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel is a podiatrist based in Los Angeles and has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. He is the owner of Sunset Foot Clinic and obtained his doctorate degree from Kent State University after completing his internship and residency at the University of Southern California Medical Center. To offer a well-rounded… Keep Reading

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Dr. Hanid Audish on the Latest Clinical Trial Success Stories

Clinical trials are an important aspect of the medical profession. Without clinical trials, new treatments and therapies would not be possible. During a clinical trial, treatments are tested for safety and efficacy. Physicians like Dr. Hanid Audish at Encompass Clinical Research participate in these trials, bringing novel solutions to their patients. Clinical trials have many… Keep Reading

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Thomas Ocheltree Explains The Differences Between Dentists and Oral Surgeons

When patients are looking for high-quality dental care, they often consider which type of specialist is right for them. Oral surgeons are capable professionals who help patients with difficult issues such as wisdom tooth extraction, treatment of disease and infections, and dental implants. Patients have the right to expect professional and compassionate care from their… Keep Reading

chest pain
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Dr. J. Fred Stoner Explains the Latest in Pain Management

Pain management is a growing medical specialty. Due to the prevalence of arthritis, joint problems, wounds, and other serious conditions, patients turn to pain specialists to provide important relief. Dr. J. Fred Stoner, the director of the Lawrence County Medical Society, examines current trends in the pain management specialty. The Lawrence County Medical Society will… Keep Reading

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Dr. Halley Moore Highlights how Social Factors can Contribute to Overall Health

A person’s health is not only related to his or her physical characteristic, but there are many social factors which can impact health. These include childhood development, education, work status, and income. Dr. Halley Moore, a licensed clinical psychologist, and human resources professional specializes in family interactions in the workplace. She examines these social factors… Keep Reading

Sunny Onuigbo Alpharetta Ga
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Sunny Onuigbo on the Latest Developments in Diabetes Treatment

The treatment of diabetes has been revolutionized in recent years. Doctors of internal medicine like Sunny Onuigbo have been able to give their patients advanced care and ensure their future health. With new drugs, therapies, and testing, patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes have a greater quality of life and better medical outcomes.… Keep Reading

Neuroradiology tomography
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John Ikechi Nwankwo Explains How AI is Improving Neuroradiology

Amazing strides are being made in the science of neuroradiology. Together with the rise of AI or artificial intelligence systems, exciting developments in the field have the potential to impact patient care positively. AI systems will be able to run tests and simulations which can direct doctors to the proper course of treatment for these… Keep Reading

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