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November 18, 2017

Top Digital Marketing Trends That Apparel e-Retailers Need to Know

So, you wish to take your apparel e-retail to the next level. It’s time you experimented with some of the latest and trendy digital marketing methods. These new age digital marketing strategies and tactics can truly pour gasoline over the little fires you’ve created with your apparel e-commerce digital marketing till now.

Integrated Offline and Online Sales

Brick and mortar sales are an essential component of an apparel brand’s sales channel mix. This is where it becomes crucial for these brands to integrate their physical and e-stores, using advanced POS retail software. Such software helps store managers get 360-degree visibility of available stock, track individual salesman’s activities, and accept credit card payments seamlessly.

Also, integration between offline and online sales in apparel commerce enables store managers to sell merchandise that’s not on display or in stock at the store, and ship it directly to the shopper’s home. This prevents customer attrition and creates a symbiotic sales and marketing ecosystem.

Influencer Marketing for Tremendous ROIs

Influencer marketing is the way forward for all consumer-facing brands, although apparel e-commerce has witnessed the most significant impact of this novel marketing method. Here are some mind-boggling stats from the world of influencer marketing for fashion and apparel brands. Although 84% brands continue to conduct influencer searches manually on social media, 73% agree that search is the biggest challenge in influencer marketing.

This is where pioneering fashion and apparel brands can step past competition by using a platform to search influencers for free, with the option of short-listing them based on criteria such as demographics, social followership, previous experience and expertise in influencer marketing, etc. Also, such a platform helps you reach out to these influencers directly, speed-tracking the marketing campaign. The list of fashion brands that have successfully leveraged influencer marketing for great ROIs is massive; it’s time your brand became a part of the list.

Augmented Reality Tech To Deliver Enhanced Item Research and Shopping Experiences

Do you know what’s so special about augmented reality? It’s the fact that users don’t need any specialized hardware to be able to experience AR; software can simulate the augmented experience for them. Already, AR has made its presence felt in the sphere of apparel and fashion e-commerce digital marketing.

Topshop’s flagship Moscow store has an AR powered kiosk where shoppers can just stand in front of what essentially looks like a mirror, and superimpose different dresses on their image, to check out how they look. It’s only a matter of time before AR becomes a key aspect of the e-commerce shopping experience of users, with apps helping them get a better idea of how items look on them before they buy them.

De Beers “My Forevermark Fitting,” for instance, lets users print out cutouts of jewelry, hold the paper to their face, use their webcam to see themselves on the computer screen, and that’s where De Beers’ AR technology transforms the paper cutouts into items from it’s My Forever Fitting range.

High-Quality Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogging subjects range across categories like buying guides, seasonal shopping trends, fad-watch, must have lists, celebrity fashion statements, street styles, and occasion specific apparel advice. Most successful e-retailers of fashion and apparel products have in-house fashion bloggers whose primary focus is to create stellar fashion content for market products.

Platforms are generating revenues purely by their fashion and apparel content as well; the perfect examples being Budget Fashionista, shefinds.com, and Bag Snob. Louis Vuitton deserves mention here for bringing the next level of innovation to content marketing; its Nowness platform offers highly artsy videos with minimal LV branding but with in-video product buy links.

Fashion brands, in general, are dominating Instagram video. I recommend you invest in good branding videos, using one of these video marketing tools.

Concluding Remarks

Trust these digital marketing methods for your apparel e-commerce website and take the first step towards taking your business to the next level.

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