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Las Vegas
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Facial Recognition to Bar Problem Gamblers from Casinos

When Jacky Cheung was approached by Chinese police at a pop concert in Nanchang City, he was surprised to find out that the police had used facial recognition to identify the man in a 60,000-odd crowd. The story is both inspiring and a little terrifying, and yet – technology is all about how you end… Keep Reading

betting casino slot machine
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Five UK Companies Support Responsible Gaming by Joining Senet Group

Responsible gambling has been a hot topic in the United Kingdom. With the country’s main regulator, the UK Gambling Commission, having planned quite a few changes down the road, British gaming operators are happy to play ball. Senet Group, an industry watchdog, committed to responsible gaming, has just signed some of the largest UK brands… Keep Reading

instagram marketing
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How Instagram is Influential for Small Businesses

If your business is not on Instagram today, then you are losing out a great deal. Instagram today has more than one billion transcribers, of whom about 500 million use their accounts every day. More than 70% of Instagram users are below 35 years and constitute the majority of impulse shoppers. Instagram has a serious… Keep Reading

online casino
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What Makes One Online Casino Better Than Another?

Online casinos have entirely revolutionized the gambling landscape in the past 20 years. For example in the UK, online casinos represent a third of the industry’s annual gross gambling yield – making it the most profitable sub-sector of the gambling industry. With such a huge amount of the gambling industry being dominated by online casinos,… Keep Reading

hacker fraud
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Which Types of Businesses are Vulnerable to Fraud?

The act of stealing is nothing new. Companies have the perpetual issue of dealing with financial losses as a result of being cheated. Unsavory characters have pushed the boundaries of creativity to either gain unlawfully or wriggle their ways out of having to part with their funds. The online age has only served to exacerbate… Keep Reading

shop forefront
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6 Tips for More Effective Use of Retail Displays

Every retailer needs to move their inventory. This naturally leads to ensuring that you have as much product on the floor as possible. The problem here is that you can overload your customers – they need the right balance between selection and creative atmosphere. Using retail displays correctly can help you achieve that balance. Here… Keep Reading

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Link Building Stats and Facts

The SEO PowerSuite conducted a survey of 628 SEOs to determine what’s still working in link building. The results were consistent for veterans and new players. Here are the highlights: 72 percent said backlinks are significant when it comes to ranking factors 24 percent thought backlinks a just somewhat important because of the many other… Keep Reading

instagram marketing
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How Instagram is Changing the Way We Travel

Visual social network Instagram is a feast for the eyes – particularly for those who love traveling. The platform now has more than 1 billion active monthly users, who post more than 100 million photos each day. And a large percentage of those photos are travel-related. Each day, users are treated to photos of dramatic… Keep Reading

kim kardashian instagram
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How to Get 100k Instagram Followers in One Year

On Instagram, 100,000 followers seem to be a magic number that says you’ve made it—you’ve successfully created a brand that’s recognized potentially nationwide. This is a goal of many small businesses, especially after they see webinars or blog posts from Instagrammers who claim to have earned that number in just a couple of weeks or… Keep Reading

Antivirus software
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5 Powerful Safety Software Trends for 2018 (September Edition)

These safety management best practices are and will help organizations get on course with EHS regulatory compliance and more. The past year saw mobile integration become a big trend set to develop in the EHS and safety software implementation. Using mobile apps to stay not only connected with EHS professionals but also to remotely keep… Keep Reading

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