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San Francisco: The Pet Lover’s Paradise

The sun. The Golden Gate Bridge. The waves crashing on the shore. The whales that come through yearly. San Francisco has a million reasons why people come here all year long. However, the reason you will want to call this place your favorite may not be the one you might expect.

We all adore our fur babies. We would love to take our pets with us every time we leave the house. Our dogs would probably love this more than our cats would. San Francisco is one of the few cities in America that you can call truly dog-friendly. Take a look at these facts, and surely you will want to grab your leash and go for a ride.


Unlike some of the other coastal towns, San Francisco has truly dog-friendly beaches. First, ten dog beaches run from being a simple beach that allows dogs to be a dog beach. You can find beaches that have several acres fenced off which encourage you to let your dog off his leash and just splash. They have running water, cleaning stations, and even pup showers to make sure your ride home is just as comfortable as your ride there. Some of these beaches are open all year long just so your game of frisbee doesn’t have to be put on hold because of cooler temperatures.

Parks and Trails

Everyone loves a good dog park. The ability to let our dogs play with other dogs is great. Socialization with other humans who have the same love of dogs is even better. San Francisco has more dog parks per capita than most other cities nationwide. You can walk to most of these through trails established just for walking dogs. If you just want to go for a walk, you can find beach trails, nature trails, and even urban trails that will highlight the area, give you somewhere safe to walk and let your dog get out of the house with you for a while.

Restaurants and Bars

San Francisco has nightlife like you might not expect. They have gourmet chefs in restaurants that have international reviews. The best part is that you can take your dog to over twenty restaurants in the area. Most of these are outdoor seating that is spacious and overlooks everything that is going on from the beaches to cityscapes, you can watch it all happen with your dog beside you.

There is a magic behind watching the big game in a sports bar. The way that the crowd cheers and boos with each play are almost as good as being at the game itself. Grab a beer and hang on to every play with your friends, and bring along your fur buddy too. San Francisco has quite a few sports bars that will allow you to bring your dog with you for a beer and basket of wings. So, now you know why San Francisco is rising in popularity. After all, who doesn’t want to create their adventures with their favorite pup beside them?

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