Top 5 Must Have Instagram Marketing Tools of 2017

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms in today’s world. It is likely to grow even more and has as much audience as Facebook. Instagram has cooperated with the growing audience and has continued to keep it active.

Many successful online businesses are running solely on Instagram. When you are running a business, you need to market it as well. Instagram marketing has become crucial, and with the demand of aggressive marketing, there are now customized Instagram marketing tools which have the ability to do wonders.
Let’s walk through these tools one by one.

1. Kicksta

The autopilot is a unique feature of Kicksta. It helps you optimize the required Instagram account. The results of this tool have been amazing, despite the fierce competition going in the market, services provided by Kicksta are amazing, and the customers have been satisfied with their services.

It is evident that you can’t capture a market on Instagram instantly, and it takes some time for you to stand in the market. The creation, maintenance, and growth of Instagram account require patience. Kicksta is one tool which helps you free up from the focus of researching, targeting and reaching your audience. As Kicksta does it for you.

2. Repost

Interaction is the key at Instagram. There is an unlimited number of methods to interact with Instagram users but there are few most prominent ways to do that, and one of them includes reposting the work of other Instagram users. You can do everything with Repost as you can freely interact with Instagram influencers and even promote the content you desire.

It can all be done with a tap button, and you will be done. If you just saw something impressive and want to repost it, just click a button and the post will be shared from your account. You don’t even have to worry about crediting the original owner because the Repost app does it all automatically. You can also archive photos or videos for sharing in future. The process is quite straightforward and user-friendly. You will notice the effectiveness of this tool.

3. Vibbi (Discontinued)

Social media marketing is crucial today, and when it comes to Instagram, there is no big helper than Vibbi. Online businesses on Instagram can have a lot of help from Vibbi because it is a great tool for Instagram marketing.

Instagram followers have potential than most of other social media followers. Vibbi is designed to gain followers on Instagram fast. This tool is specially made for Instagram, so the total awesomeness is ensured. This tool has essential features and can get you to promote your Instagram account, it even helps in gaining likes and views and overall user engagement along with followers. Vibbi is a must tool for Instagram your Instagram profile because it gives you exactly what you need for marketing and that is right audience.

4. Buffer

It is genuinely a great time saver for handling your social media campaigns whether it is Instagram or any other social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Buffer is great for management, and it even gives you the detailed analytics of all your social media campaigns.

However, the Instagram integration of buffer is a bit different from other social media platforms as Instagram’s policy doesn’t allow such tools to post stuff on your behalf. For Buffer to work for Instagram, you first need a smartphone containing Instagram installed and configured. You can use Buffer to schedule your Instagram posts and when it’s time buffer will simply send a push notification to your phone with the preview of the post and of course a quick copy for the caption too.

Your role is just to allow the post and share it on Instagram.

Buffer can be used to schedule up to 10 Instagram posts. There are even more posting options if you want but that is, of course, paid. Don’t worry the price is not even that high. You just have to pay 10 dollars a month and you can use ten social media accounts and can schedule up to 100 posts.

5. Tailwind

This tool was known for its automated scheduling and detailed analytics for Pinterest, they have had huge success in that area, and that’s why they have expanded their services to Instagram as well.

The new updates have made this app a heaven for the marketers; you can schedule tons of Instagram posts by just using the simple drag and drop functionality.

As per the Instagram policy, no apps can publish on behalf of any Instagram account, in fact, the user has to post manually. However, you can use the push notification sent by Tailwind that your post is ready to publish. That’s why you don’t need a lot of manual functioning just one click, and your post will be live.

For now, this app is only available for iOS users, but it has been in the news that it’ll be available for Android soon. Still, you can utilize the web-based version of this app and use it for scheduling your Instagram posts. Don’t worry you will receive an SMS message on your phone along with Instagram post and caption.

Final Words

Instagram marketing can do wonders for your business, and now there are tools that are more worried about your marketing than you can ever be. That’s why just leave the worry to these apps and tools, and you will be free to focus more on your business and revenue generation rather than marketing. These tools have had a huge impact on previous marketing strategies and have successfully generated more traffic than the manual methods. Everyone with the online business has been using one of these apps to ensure that their business is heard and people know it because of these tools and their seamless efficiency to market your business to the right audience. You will notice the value of these tools if you use any of them.

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