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Are you more suited for gemstones instead of diamonds?

January 2, 2018

“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance; you can only admire it.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor

Let’s be honest; beautiful gemstones always attract the eye, and when a man gives a woman his love and his heart, we traditionally expect to see a pretty diamond setting on her finger.

Some women are rebellious and regal when it comes to fine jewels, and only a ruby stone will do. Designing the ultimate and personal ring from a wide variety of stunning, loose ruby gemstones is an exciting experience to undergo. The perfect ring is in one’s reality, and specially selected rubies dazzle those who dare to wear them. The ruby gem is more than her outer beauty; her chemical composition is intricate and fascinating to learn about as reported at Geology.com.


The ancient gemstone has long been revered for its power and energy life force like the blood flowing through one’s veins. Today, the most stunning rubies come from Burma and Thailand.

The ruby has often been considered the most precious of the 12 birthstones created by God. Most of us recognize it as the traditional birthstone for July.

The ruby seems to possess an exotic image and feeling. Maybe those couples with an extremely passionate relationship are drawn to its haunting scarlet beauty. The ruby remains a symbol of passion, wealth, sensuality, success and everlasting love.

Hollywood has long been obsessed with the ruby gemstone, and Elizabeth Taylor’s vast collection of expensive jewels included the blood-red stone. Following the death of the gorgeous movie icon, Christie’s Auction House put her ruby baubles up for bidding, and admirers went crazy.

One of Taylor’s ruby ring sets that had an 8.24 ct gem worth made history. The ring set broke the ‘world auction record’ for a ruby at $512,925 per carat. The price realized totaled $4,226,500.

Today’s modern stars also believe the ruby is a precious gemstone to wear as an engagement ring. Popular sisters Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson are both sporting the fiery red stone on their left ring fingers.

When Jessica married NFL player Eric Johnson, he presented her with a stunning 5-carat ruby ring with two diamond side stones. July is Jessica’s birthday month, and he had the ring custom designed by choosing a special large stone from an exquisite array of loose ruby gemstones.

Younger sister Ashlee Simpson admired Jessica’s amazing rock, and when Justin Ross proposed to her, he also designed his own symbol of love. The engagement ring features a 5-carat marquise-cut diamond accented with rubies and 140 small white diamonds. The ring shows off an elegant Art Deco appeal.

When one is wearing a ring with such style, beauty, and regalness, then a romantic getaway is the next best place to celebrate romance, passion, love, and watch the sparkling ruby’s aura dance in the moonlight.

For example, dining underwater is a most unique and exhilarating experience for an adventurous couple. A spectacular underwater restaurant can be visited in the Maldives. It’s the only one of its kind found around the globe.

Jewelry will always be a matter of personal taste and style. People are attracted to rubies and their non-traditional fantasticality. Today’s modern women sometimes prefer to see beyond the beauty of a diamond. Loose ruby gemstones can create the perfect ring setting that holds a symbol of love, intensity, and amour.

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