February 15, 2022

The Naturally Tailored Properties and its Role in Creation of Diamond Substitute

Moissanite: The diamond Substitute

The women are attracted by various kinds of jewels to expose them as beautiful as well as confident. In The world most cultures the usage of jewels found and the type and quality may vary. People think that costly and high-graded jewelry is being a symbol of status in their society. Though the pandemic stops the world for a few months the procurement and utilization of jewels were not affected much. It clearly shows people’s interest in jewels. In general, people are preferring to wear gold and diamond as a jewel. But both are extracted from the earth and will greatly affect the environment. Nowadays people prefer diamond jewels since their vast availability but more costly and most people could not afford the cost. Hence the search for alternate was initiated and found the mineral called moissanite. Initially, it was confused with the real diamond and later was identified as one of the polymorphs of crystal named Silicon Carbide. Due to its high quality of physical properties, it is awarded as a diamond substitute. Online sites like Moissainteco offers a wide variety of moissanite based jewels such as rings, pendants, bracelets, etc., 

Moissanite vs Diamond

Refractive Index: All the properties are best matched with the diamond especially the refractive index which is higher (2.65) than the diamond (2.42). The Refractive index is mainly responsible for the glittering nature of the jewel and due to the index value, the moissanite glitters more than the diamond. 

Hardness and Toughness: Beyond the refractive index, the other properties like toughness and hardness are also matching with the diamond. The hardness of the property plays a crucial role in deciding the scratch resistance. It will not break easily if accidentally fell into the floor where toughness the property supports this. 

Durability: Those two (Toughness and Hardness) properties together decide the durability of the moissanite. Both of these are merely the same for diamond and moissanite hence it is very hard to declare which one is durable and can be listed both as forever stone can pass from generation to generation. 

Sparkle: Sparkle is another one that needs to consider where the moissanite delivers more sparkle than the diamond, especially the color sparkle. With this, the moissanite is stood up as a vibrant one and is a choice for compliments. The additional feature is it has very little maintenance compared to diamond. Because of all these facts on most occasions, moissanite surpasses the diamond. 

Cost: Cost is the major factor that everyone will put into consideration where a significant cost difference is found between the diamond and moissanite. The same size of moissanite cost around ten times lesser than the diamond. 

Moissanite: The best choice for compliments

The natural availability of moissanite is very rare hence it become necessary to develop a technology to produce in the laboratory, and Charles and Colvard developed it. Some people are calling moissanite is a fake diamond. But it is not a fake and it is a proper alternative to the diamond which has similar properties. Moissanite is the best choice for the gift presentation and to create a special moment between the relationships. But while presenting the gift disclosure of its name is much important to avoid confusion with the diamond. 

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