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luxurious romantic getaway Cappadocia
May 27, 2017

6 Unique Ideas for Luxurious Romantic Getaways

Hoping to escape to a paradise beach or a verdant landscape for quality time together with your loved one? Here are several ideas for doing that in luxurious style:

Travel in Style in a Charter Jet

While waste time away stuck in traffic or feel uncomfortable in an old car? Impress your loved one by booking a private jet charter to travel in a style. It will be a unique vacation experience on its own to view your destination several hundred feet off the ground. If you are intent on lavish travel, you can even consider Boeing rent options. It will be a unique experience for both of you.

Stay in Hotel with Private Infinity Pool

Many four or five star hotels have private plunge pools. But the truly unique ones have infinity plunge pools with breathtaking views of beaches, mountains, and other stunning landscapes. The Amatara Resort & Wellness in Phuket, Thailand, Tadrai Island Resort in Fiji, and Hotel Le Toiny at St. Barts have some of the most stunning private infinity pools in the world. But none can top the jaw-dropping views offered by the private pools in Jade Mountain Resort at St. Lucia. Private infinity pools are a must if you really want to enjoy a truly luxurious romantic getaway.

Arrange a Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Why dine in a restaurant when you can enjoy a lovely meal in each other’s company on a golden beach? Many honeymoon hotels offer the option to dine in private on the beach. You can choose sunset dinners or sunrise breakfasts to enjoy your meal while gazing at the marvelous sky. The atmosphere will be utterly romantic. Meals will not be bad either. Both of you will be able to satisfy your stomachs as well as your appetite for gorgeous scenery.

luxurious romantic getaway

Try Hot Air Ballooning with Champagne

Go hot air ballooning with your romantic partner and enjoy exquisite views of famous landscapes from the air. Hot air ballooning adventures are available in most tourist destinations, from Sydney to Bagan in Myanmar, from Cappadocia in Turkey to Los Angeles. Hot air ballooning is conducted early in the morning to catch the wonderful sunrise. Tours are often accompanied by champagne toasts when you are back on the ground. Could there be anything more romantic?

Ithaa restaurant Maldives underwater

Dine Underwater

Romantic getaways are not complete without a visit to a charming restaurant to wine and dine your loved one in style. So don’t choose just any restaurant. You can eat under the water at the unbelievable underwater restaurant in Maldives, the only one of its kind in the world. There are partial and sort-of underwater restaurants in Dubai, Berlin, Durban, and even Nashville. But Ithaa and Sea in Maldives are the only real undersea ones.

Enjoy Time in Complete Privacy in a Luxury Tent

You can treat your loved one to an out-of-this-world experience with a romantic night at a luxury tent. Unlike with regular tents, you won’t have to put up with space or pest issues in a luxury tent. You will also definitely have gorgeous views of surrounding and the night sky. There are plenty of luxury tent experiences to be had in South Asia and Africa.

The above won’t be cheap but will be great to show your partner how much you love him or her.

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