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Hilary Novelle Hahn of The Style Club Explains How Fashion is Empowering Women

Many people believe that fashion is a frivolous exercise which does little to empower women, and may, in fact, do the opposite. This outdated perception needs to be countered by examples of how women are empowered by fashion today. In the age of #metoo and other feminist movements, fashion must take its place in the larger world of women’s rights.

Fashion can bring woman confidence, self-assurance, and a sense of self-expression. Choosing to dress in a certain way project a particular image to the world, and by curating this image, a woman can express important parts of herself to the world. Hilary Novelle Hahn of The Style Club in New York shares how fashion can empower all women.


Knowing that you look great gives you a confidence boost that lasts all day. The right outfit can make your day, and the fact that you are comfortable in your own skin gives positive feelings to the people around you. Different kinds of outfits are great for different situations. For example, for a work meeting, a well-tailored suit or dress can make a woman feel empowered. A comfortable dress and a pair of sandals bring a summery, relaxed mood. Fashion can be an important part of a woman’s self-image, in any way in which she can enhance this self-image will empower her.


A woman can dress to show off her personality. Different styles of clothing say a lot about a person. Favorite colors, styles, and materials all carry different types of expression. Women can also wear clothing that projects their love of certain occupations and hobbies. A flowered skirt and peasant top say different things than a biker jacket and boots, but both are great ways to show off your personality.


A woman’s choice of clothing can also showcase her creativity. Especially if she is a clothing designer or if she sews her own garments, she can show the world a special view of her personality that she would not be able to express without fashion. Thrift and vintage shopping are great ways to show off your creativity when choosing an outfit.


Fashion can also show off your love of certain causes. Whether these causes are political or social, clothing can express how you feel without words. Many campaigns also give financial support to these causes. These causes can be politically charged, as in the case of the pink hats worn at the Women’s March in Washington, DC.

Becoming Part of Popular Culture

Certain ways of dressing mean that you can associate yourself with different aspects of popular culture. Costumes from popular television shows or movies can be very empowering, as they encourage women to express themselves. They also help women to share their creativity with like-minded fans. Putting on a character’s clothes enables them to imagine what it would be like to live their life.

Body Positivity

While it is challenging for many women to retain a sense of body positivity, more women are learning to dress for the bodies they have, not the bodies they want. Showing a wide variety of body types lets young women know that it is okay to be themselves and that they do not need to be ashamed of themselves.

Fashion as a Career

If women feel especially moved by the place of fashion in their lives, they can make fashion a career. Designing, modeling, and working for retail stores can help women get in touch with their creative sides while earning a living. Women can play their designs into major labels given enough time, talent, and creativity.

Explore the World of Fashion

Hilary Novelle Hahn of The Style Club reminds readers that fashion can help them to become more confident and powerful. Fashion is not merely a superficial exercise; it helps women to express themselves and provide self-confidence.

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