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Melanie Werner

Interview with Melanie Werner of Galerie Werner

Melanie Werner is a renowned curator at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort: a family owned art collection house located in Farmington, PA. Her duties entail collecting and managing over 700 paintings, sculptures, and objects. She also directs the Nemacolin Art Studio and Nemacolin Gallery. Melanie is also a well-known personality in the skin care industry, having invented… Keep Reading

Tara Dewey

Tara Dewey on Work and Travel

Tara Dewey is a successful business analyst from Clifton Park, New York. Growing up, she discovered an early interest in problem-solving and helped others achieve their goals. Besides working with individuals and companies on creating their way to success, she loves traveling and is continuously in search of new hacks for uncovering new destinations while… Keep Reading

Darrell Maclean

Interview with Darrell MacLean, President of Southern Middlesex Industries

Darrell MacLean is the President of Southern Middlesex Industries, which provide services in the area of demolition and environmental protection. From his early years, he was involved with the heavy-equipment sector that pertains to demolition as his father had the same interests. Having started this business over 23 years ago, Darrell MacLean has been fortunate… Keep Reading

Dr. David Lach

Dr. David R. Lach on Lach Orthodontic Specialists

When discussing the most prominent orthodontists in Florida, it is difficult not to bring up Lach Orthodontic Specialists. With 26 years of experience that has yielded nearly 20,000 satisfied patients, this office is one of the most efficient and productive ones around the nation. Led by Dr. David R Lach, who is a top graduate… Keep Reading

Scott Maichel

Scott Maichel Discusses AmCheck’s New College Scholarship Program

Scott Maichel is a principal and co-founder of AmCheck’s San Diego location. AmCheck started operating in 1996 and provides payroll/HR related software and services that help employers manage the employee life-cycle. Currently, AmCheck has 12 offices across the U.S. and is one of the largest privately held payroll services firms in the U.S. As far… Keep Reading

Tammy Movsas

Tammy Movsas discusses Zietchick Research Institute

Tammy Movsas is the founder of children’s eye health care called Zietchick Research Institute. She is a board-certified ophthalmologist with extensive skills when it comes to the area of preventive medicine. Having started this business in 2012, she has been developing it diligently with the help of many associates with credentials to match hers. Now,… Keep Reading

Blake Rubin

Interview with Blake Rubin on Mobile Apps

Blake Rubin is a mobile developer who runs his own business within this industry in San Francisco. Having completed extensive studies and worked with large companies, he now holds a long portfolio of successful client engagements. Although he is not the type of entrepreneur to worship his achievements, most of the people who had a… Keep Reading

Guaranteed Removals

Alvin Kirby explains the role of Guaranteed Removals

Alvin Kirby, a deeply respected and highly intelligent digital marketing expert, is responsible for ensuring Guaranteed Removals continues to live up to the lofty expectations the company’s clients have come to expect. Specializing in deleting, de-indexing, or pushing down negative information published online, Guaranteed Removals also works with clients to showcase positive digital content in… Keep Reading

Richard Zahn

Richard Zahn Discusses Investing and Construction

Richard Zahn is a private investor that has been involved with many construction projects. In the past, he served as a Chief Executive Officer for the ZMG Construction after completing 12 years of service for the 245th Psyops Airborne CO. Special Operations Command of the U.S. Army. Having studied an MBA degree from Mendoza College… Keep Reading

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