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July 20, 2018

Fashion and Grooming: Still Important, Just a Different Style

When most men think about fashion and being part of the culture, they think first of clothing and hairstyle. These two elements are generally at the top of the man’s priority list. For them, it’s essential to make these choices carefully, so they contribute to success, in personal relationships, and in business relationships.

While many men won’t admit to being conscious of fashion or concerned about fitting in, this wasn’t always the case. At some point in the past, men’s fashion was just as important as it was for women. We may be in another period when a significant portion of the male population is paying for the right clothing and hairstyles because they feel these are essential.

A Few Years Ago

As recently as 2011, some observers of the men’s fashion scene began to comment on the increasing number of businesses explicitly launched to serve the male-grooming industry. One of these was established to cater to the men who wanted high-end brands only. The Blazers, trousers, and shoes had to be, for them, just right in both looks and in the name.

In fact, media outlets online and in print began to capitalize on this trend. Connecting with men who were fashion-conscious became an essential part of the marketing/advertising scene. The same could be said of targeting men who paid close attention to grooming. In addition to increased purchases of clothing, and additional money spent on hair care, men were spending on cosmetic surgery, skin care, and on other grooming aids.

Electric shavers and razors were more than a necessary item in daily living. They became essential items in the grooming category, with more male consumers looking for high quality in construction and performance. These choices went well beyond removing hair. In fact, the focus was on personal equipment that would help men maintain that facial hair.

Is There a Type?

Taking this brief look at fashion history back a few more years, you might say the interest in fashion and grooming had its roots in the 1990s. In the early years of that decade, someone coined the word “metrosexual,” a combination of metropolitan and sexual. This term came to signify a man who paid particular attention to appearance and grooming.

Every generation had its various styles. One group adopted a particular “look” to distinguish its members from others. The last half of the 20th century had its “mods” and “rockers” in the U.K. One group was the precursor of the metrosexual in some ways – the mods put their emphasis on fashion and music. The rockers spent their money on motorcycles and black leather, in direct competition with the mod look.

Now, it seems, there is something else happening in the world of men’s fashion and grooming. The emphasis today is on fitness, combined with meticulous grooming. Of course, it’s still acceptable to have facial hair, as long as it is well-maintained. Fashion tends to be a bit more relaxed, with clothing designed to accentuate the body itself.

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