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September 24, 2018

A beard will grab both positive and negative attention from your social circles. On the one hand, an unkempt beard will raise questions on your health or financial status. Men who are struggling financially or going through chronic ailments are known to have limited time for personal grooming. On the other hand, you will get a lot of admiration if you keep a stylish beard. Which way would you go? Well, the latter is the only choice that makes perfect sense. Read on to determine the ideal style for you.

What Is Your Face’s Shape?

The first step in growing a stylish beard is to identify the shape of your face. You could have:

  • A round face.
  • A rectangular face.
  • An oval face.
  • A square face.

If you have a round or square face, the best option for you is to grow a thick and long beard to create an illusion of elongated facial structures. On the other hand, you should have more hairs on the side if you have a rectangular and an oval face. It is not difficult to identify the shape of your face. However, you can consult professional hairstylist or go through an online tutorial when unsure or log onto

Who Are You?

Besides the shape, it is also wise to take note of your personality. If you are not the type of person who loves attention, some styles will not work for you. An outgoing person, on the contrary, does not mind unique styles and even some color. Understanding who is is, hence, important. Keep in mind that a lack of confidence will make even the most sophisticated beard styles seem out of place.

Types of Beard Styles to Choose From

Beard styles can be divided into full, spatial, and mustache beards.

Full Beards Styles

• Scruff

This is one of the stylish full beard options. It is also known as stubble. Instead of waiting for four weeks for the beard to grow, you are expected to trim the hair after three days close to the skin. It is perfect for anyone looking for texture and grit.

• Natural Beard

This style leaves with a lengthy and voluminous beard. You could leave it to grow to its full length or trim it to achieve a comfortable length.

• Verdi Style

This is perfect when want to take things to the next level. It involves including a neatly trimmed mustache and trimming your full beard in a way that does not go beyond the chin.

• Amish Beard

This style is good for anyone wishing to create a friendly look. It is a full beard without a mustache, making you seem harmless to the onlookers.

Partial Beard Styles

If your testosterone levels work against you when trying to grow a full beard, going for the partial beard is advisable. In any case, it may be daunting to maintain a full beard or venture into some professions. Here are some options for you:

• Sideburns

Sideburns have been around for a long time and will continue to create lasting impressions. In this case, the facial hair runs from the earlobes to the jaw. Everyone will recognize a well-trimmed sideburn. There is no limit as to how much attention you will receive when you include a mustache.

• Goatee Style

In the 1990s, men loved the goatee style. The hair was trimmed from the corners of the mouth to the chin. You can still rock this style in the modern world by ensuring that you get a perfect cut. Alternatively, go for a circle beard that incorporates a mustache and a goatee.

Mustache Beard Styles

If you decide that the only facial hair that you want the world to see on your face is a mustache, there are several styles to rock. They include:

• The Original Mustache

In olden days and today, people kept their mustache simple and clean. The hair simply sits above the top lip with no twists. Maintaining it is easy. You can wear the style in any setting.

• A Pencil-Thin Mustache

This is a thin strip of hair that creates a good outline of your upper lip. It is ideal for a person who does not wish to have a lot of facial hair yet still wants to maintain a classy look.

• Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe mustache is perfect when you wish to cause a little stir in your world. Above the normal mustache, include two bars of hairs from your lips to the chin.

• Chevron Mustache

When you feel the need to cover an entire upper lip, go for the chevron mustache.

Growing a Stylish Beard

Choosing the right style of a beard does not necessarily grab the attention of your peers. You must be aware of the dos and don’ts of growing a beard. Here are three critical tips to consider:

Always Eat Well, Exercise, and Remain Hydrated

Men with stylish beards are healthy. They take the right nutrition to rejuvenate and repair body cells. Join them by being choosy about the type of diet you take on a regular basis. If you love to take junk and wash it down with a bottle of soda, it is time to make changes. Go for fruits, vegetables, and drink a lot of water. A little jogging on a daily basis is also advisable. You will be paving the way for proper hair growth.

Keep Your Beard Clean, Brushed, and Moisturized

A beard can still look unattractive even after receiving a perfect cut or trimming. You have the responsibility to comb it daily. Find a comb that leaves a smooth finish and minimal hair breakage. You should also clean the beard using good shampoos. Applying a moisturizer will create shiny and attractive style.

Find a Good Barber to Trim Your Hair

If you are trying new beard styles, pay a visit to an experienced barber. They will advise you on whether the style is appropriate for you and what you can do to maintain it. You could also learn a few skills and trim your hair from home if you opt for simple styles. For perfect results, you must invest in a good hair clipper, scissors, and other accessories.

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