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How to Promote a Blog Post Using Blogger Outreach

In the world of online marketing, trust is a fragile thing. That is why most big brands today make use of blogging and social media marketing to increase online engagement. These so-called influencers become ambassadors for a product or service using the trust they gain from followers to positively impact the companies they represent. What is great about blogging is that it also works hand-in-hand with proven SEO strategies, especially link building. That is why, in today’s cut-throat world of digital marketing, hiring a blogger outreach service has become a necessity.

Why does blogger outreach make perfect sense?

Perhaps one of the reasons why blogger outreach works is that influencers are eager to promote products and services they believe in. Once you build relationships with these influencers, you can easily nurture the connection and gain an immense marketing advantage.

But how do you do it effectively? Surely there is a method and process which can guarantee your success? Here is what you need to do to ensure that you can effectively promote a blog post.

Your content needs to be top-quality

These days, exceptional content is key to successful blogger outreach. An influencer or blogger will not put their reputation on the line unless the content is relevant and offers value. Sadly, there are brands out there that produce content only for the sake of getting a higher rank in Google.

What you can do is begin by researching to come up with data which will be used in creating valuable content. There are also many online tools SEO marketers use to find ideas and topics for blogs and other similar material.

Use a search operator to find influencers

After concluding the idea-creation stage, the next step is to curate a list for your blogger outreach campaign. What you need to do is to look for websites with content similar to what you want to publish. After creating your list, you can proceed by narrowing down your options to a manageable number of potential influencers you can partner.

How to select the right blogger or influencer

It has been reiterated many times that blogger outreach is time-consuming and tedious. As such, you must be connecting with an influencer not merely for their guest posting services, but also with the intent to nurture the relationship. In qualifying bloggers for your outreach, here are some elements to consider:

  • How many new blog posts appear on the site every week?
  • Blog site or page rank
  • How trustworthy is the website?
  • How many comments does each post get on average?
  • Sizeable social media following
  • SEMrush ranking
  • Citation flow

In looking at these elements, it is also crucial that you are looking at objective metrics. If a website has low domain authority, then it is best to strike that site off of your list.

Personalize your pitch

The last step in the process is to mobilize your effort by coming up with a compelling pitch. In pitching your campaign to chosen influencers, keep your emails professional, personalized, simple, and transparent.

Lastly, monitor your communication with the influencers you have contacted. Once you have begun a partnership, ensure that you are also tracking your progress and modifying your strategy when the situation calls for it.

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