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The Perfect Blog Post – 5 Research Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip

So you want to write the perfect blog post.

The good news is that anyone can create a decent post if they know their subject matter and the reason behind their blogging.

What are you writing about? Why are you writing? Some people strive to earn money, some want to become published writers, while others are trying to expand exposure to their already existing business.

Whether you are writing for a specific goal, or just because you love to write, there is no limit to blog posting. Creating posts for your blog every day requires attention to detail and interest in the subject.

Choosing a Topic

Your content is the most critical aspect of your blog posts. When you started your blog, you probably already knew what your subject matter would be.

Maybe it’s your blossoming fashion expertise, your traveling experiences, or your parenting advice. You also already had a purpose. Maybe your blog adds to your established business, or it’s your own startup company. Whatever your blog’s function, your posts need to stick with that theme. This is key to beginning your perfect blogging.

It’s important to post about topics that have plenty of room for discussion. A blog requires a lot of content to get going and to remain fascinating. You should be writing about something you enjoy. If you don’t find interest in your subject matter, the writing will come out dull and feel tedious. Readers might sense this, and you won’t get many followers, so pick a topic you are familiar with.

Also, linking other people’s ideas and facts will increase your chances of being found on the World Wide Web. If you need help improving your writing skills, many sites and blogs can assist you.

Try not to get overwhelmed, and remember that you probably have a different outlook, experience or know-how than others who have tackled the same theme.

Working and Final Titles

Coming up with a working title before you start writing will help you focus on your chosen topic for your post.

This is where specifics come into play. If the goal of your blog is to give advice to parents, maybe you’re wanting to write about the best baby beds. Your title could be “Comfortable and Affordable Baby Beds” or “The Most Popular Cribs.”

The purpose of a working title is to help you explore the various ways you can tackle your subject. Keep in mind that how you title your post should be directly related to your blog, if your domain name is MyExpertCounsel.com, then make sure you are giving adequate advice.

A working title needs to be precise because it will guide your post so you can start writing. From “Comfortable and Affordable Baby Beds,” the final title could be something like, “5 of the Most Comfortable and Affordable Cribs for Your Little One”.

The evolution from working title to final title is the difference between exploring your topic and choosing your direction. A good final title with a bit of detail will get more views than a title like “Baby Beds.”

Appealing to Your Audience

Before you start writing your blog post, remember who your target audience is. You need to know this so you can find the tone.

  • Should it be persuasive or
  • informative?Is it sarcastic or serious?

If you are writing about parenting advice, for example, then your ‘ideal reader’ will most likely have children and would like to be informed.

Parents will want to know how to deal with certain things that arise in parenthood, such as car seats or daycare options. Along with tone, keep in mind the demographics of your readers, such as their age, location, and gender. Use this knowledge to write a captivating post.

Looks Matter

When it comes to the appearance of your blog, looks matter. Maybe your blog presence is already established, but you aren’t attracting as many people as possible.

Take the time to hone your blog’s style.

  • Large, easy to read font that promotes your brand and will improve the visual aspect.
  • Draw people in with high quality (and fast loading) images that add value to the post and pull the eye down.
  • Small paragraphs and bursts of bullet points or bold font will break up the monotony.

Think about how you would like your blog post to look, but keep in mind that some layouts are more attractive to readers. For example, if your post is about cribs, you’re going to need images of baby beds. People are more likely to read and continue to explore your content if it’s relatable.

Your design is ultimately up to you, but make sure it goes along with your subject matter. A black and white parenting advice post wouldn’t be as appealing as a one with images of children and bright colors.

Readability is very important. You want to develop a level of consistency so that all of these things add up to a blog post that looks like one of your own.

Times to Post

The time of day that you publish your blog post articles has a significant impact on how well they do on social media. The number of comments you receive and how many people actually read it can be affected if you post at certain times.

  • Best days: Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Early in the morning, around depending on your time zone.

Although posting at peak times gives your article a helping hand, it’s not necessarily a traffic strategy. Finding out when your audience gets online and when you can generate the best traffic will require a little research on your part. Each blog is different (hopefully!), so it just depends on the audience for your niche.

You’ve discovered your topic, you know your audience so now it’s time to work on that perfect blog post! Gather up your data, make sure you have some sort of outline to go by and get going.

Your blog is in your hands. After researching and learning, you should be ready to publish a perfect blog post.

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