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August 19, 2019

Advantages of Using Stainless Steel-Based Cable Railings

Having a home at an elevation requires you to safeguard the spectacular view of the place. Railing systems come in several different styles, such as glass, wood, and steel. Stainless steel cable designs will help you serve the purpose in the best possible way.

With a reasonable force bearing ability, railings made from stainless-steel are preferred than all the other cable development materials. In this post, we will look at some of the most undeniable advantages of stainless-steel based cable railing:

Provides a clear and unobstructed view

Cable railing systems’ built-in stainless-steel is made up of handrails, narrow cables and posts as per the deck configuration and railing system, the number of horizontal cables will be needed to cover the space.

Unlike glass and wooden pickets that tends to get dirty quickly, stainless steel-based railings enable users to see through to the picturesque surroundings.

Minimal maintenance and incredible durability

Railings made up of stainless steel are an efficient investment for a homeowner as it can easily withstand any weather conditions and wear and tear. Fittings and cable made using stainless steel show high resistant towards corrosion. Also, unlike other cable railing materials, they require less maintenance.

Stainless steel-based railings are the most durable railings that can easily withstand the pressure of more than 3K pounds of force without getting broken. Thus, you can easily rely on the strength of this railing system for several years.

Complement different home styles

Stainless steel railings are quite flexible in appearance. They can easily blend themselves to suit any design. It makes them best suited for both modern and traditionally-designed homes.

These appealing cables use specific materials that are used for framing. A radiant metallic finish offers a contemporary and chic look whereas dark frame lends a homely feel to the design.

Safe for birds

Glass based railings give a false impression to birds about their feathered friends and results in a collision. It often makes birds to get injured and in some cases their death too. In such cases, stainless steel-based railings do not lead to any such issue. A nature lover would appreciate the quality.

Adds aesthetic appeal to the home

When these railings are mounted correctly with proper strength and tension, railings can easily stay for several decades. When they are added in the house, they prove to be a wise investment. They are known for their immense structural integrity when constructing a home, balcony, and deck.

Stainless steel is one such material that imparts a luxurious and classy touch to a place. It can capture the attention of people. It is rustproof and does not require any polishing.


Compared to all the other materials available for manufacturing railings, stainless-steel material is best suited for railings.

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