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July 22, 2022

Applying for Spouse Schengen Visa

Visiting any country is hard as one must follow certain protocols to enter and live within the premises even for a short period. For this purpose, every country has its Visa policy and documentation procedure. Similar is the case with Schengen areas which required the visitor to apply for Schengen Visa before their visit. 

You must apply for the European Spouse Schengen Visa if you are visiting the Schengen Region as a partner of an EU national. A Schengen Visa is a kind of brief (Type C) visa that allows you to visit the area that comes under Schengen, as the spouse of an EU citizen for up to 3 months during 6 months. The visa is valid for all 26 countries lying within the Schengen region without border control.

Continue reading the conclusion of the post to learn everything you need to know about applying for Spouse Schengen Visa.

How to Apply for Spouse Schengen Visa?

Visas are required if you want to go to a nation that does not share a visa policy with your own country. The procedure comes with the restriction of submitting a required document to ensure credibility.

  • Eligibility to apply for Schengen Visa for Spouse:

The European Schengen Spouse Visa or fiancé visa is available to anyone who is the valid spouse of a European citizen. The validation required the submission of particular documents.

  • Required Documentation:
  • Valid travel documentation with at least two blank pages and the expiration limit of three months after the return from the Schengen region.
  • National identity proof of spouse
  • Complete and sign the Schengen Visa application form 
  •  The international marriage certificate, including the original and a qualified copy
  • Two passport-size photographs of your spouse must be recent and compatible with ICAO standards.
  • Duration and Purpose of the trip outlined for the Schengen country
  • Insurance coverage that covers medical emergencies and hospitalization. The coverage must be a minimum of 30,000 euros for your period of stay. 
  • Valid evidence that your spouse is intend to return to the country such as a return ticket or sufficient funds to buy one.
  • Application procedure:
  • Determine which Schengen nation you will spend the most time in during your vacation. Your application will be submitted accordingly.
  • Determine the required number of “Entries” to the Schengen region.
  • Choose “Other” as your trip purpose. There is more room for you to submit further information about your trip’s drive. Select “Spouse” under “Family Relationship.
  • You may need an appointment so that you may submit your application form depending on the country you are applying to. For the rest, you may drop off your application form during business hours at the concerned embassy. 
  • Most embassies asked for in-person submissions and asked to check in with your fingerprint.
  • When to apply for Spouse Schengen Visa:

The ideal time to apply for Schengen Visa is 15 days before the travel date and no prior than 6 months.

  • Where to apply for Spouse Schengen Visa:
  • For Spouse Schengen Visa apply from the country you intend to travel
  • In case you are visiting more than one country, apply from the country you are likely to spend most of the time in.
  • If you want to spend a random amount of time in each of the nations, the application process must be from the country you will be arriving first for Spouse Schengen Visa
  • Application Fee:

From the regular Schengen visa charge for adults (80 Euros), European nationals’ spouses are normally excluded. In case of the application procedure through a service provider, there will be separate charges for that, and European nationals are not exempted from that.

  • Time requirement:

In most cases, the time required for the application to process for a spouse Schengen Visa is two weeks. In exceptions, the processing time can go up to 4 to 8 weeks.


If you are willing to call your spouse to visit any country in the Schengen area you need to apply for Spouse Schengen Visa at the earliest. After carefully filling out the application procedure and attaching all required documents, you can easily avail spouse’s Schengen Visa.

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