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airport transfer
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7 Things to Do When You’re Stuck at the Airport

Being stuck at the airport is one of the experiences that people truly dread. It’s never fun being stuck anywhere, but you’re extremely limited to what you can do at the airport. Some people are even afraid to fall asleep because they may miss their flight. Smartphones have been able to reverse some of this… Keep Reading

Prague Bridge
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Getting the Best Out of a Long Weekend to Prague

Undoubtedly one of the best cities to visit in Europe, Prague is beautiful, historical and unique. It’s high up on everyone’s list of must-see destinations, not only for the reasons above but also it’s affordable and just a short flight away from the UK. Planning a trip to Prague? Kayak has some great deals to… Keep Reading

U.S. Visa
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How to Translate Personal Documents for Immigration and Who Can Do It?

If you are applying for a green card, visa or any other United States immigration service, you will be asked to submit several documents – maybe your birth certificate, marriage certificate, police records and more. Though, if the documents you are presenting are in a language other than English, you will need to have them… Keep Reading

Prague casinos
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The Sights and Sounds of Prague’s Hidden Wonders

Prague is a breath-taking place, this is no doubt unquestionable, as it is steeped in rich history and stunning architectural surroundings. For many people, a week’s visit is the typical time step absorbing the wonders which the capital provides. Here we offer potential visitors an alternative option, to see the sights and sounds of the… Keep Reading

st petersburg russia
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Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Russia From the USA

If you’ve been considering traveling to Russia from the USA for the first time, you must have come across stories on some of the extremes in the country that make visiting it feel crazy. Many people in the U.S. consider Russia to be a country with a closed-door policy. The political differences between the two… Keep Reading

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Top 5 Places To Have Dinner Cruise With Less Than $100 in Dubai Marina

The essence of having a holiday vacation or tour is to purposely enjoy and perhaps shed off the stress that you have been encountering in your daily activities. Nevertheless, if you don’t get the right destination, your vacation may be just like another boring activity. Recently, one of the choicest holiday destinations of many has… Keep Reading

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What Are The Requirements To Get A Madagascar Visa?

Madagascar is one of the irresistible destinations for outdoor lovers, photographers, naturalists, and individuals looking for a unique and fascinating place to immerse themselves and get away from work, school and other problems that the world has to offer. It is an excellent place for family getaways, and that’s not all, it is an attractive… Keep Reading

car on road australia
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How to Choose a Car Hire Company and the Right Car

Are you planning a trip where you will not be bringing your own vehicle along with you? If that is the plan, then there is a good chance that you are going to need to hire a car, so you can still get around. Whether you are going to be taking a road trip from… Keep Reading

Prague Old Town
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4 Unexpected Things When Traveling to Prague

Prague is a lot of fun, whether you’re there to see the Infant Jesus of Prague or explore the Old Town Square, there’s always something fun and exciting to do. But, Prague is also not as everyone expects – if you’re from the US, there’s a lot of unexpected things you’ll come across. 1. Money… Keep Reading

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Weekend Trip From Mumbai To Goa

Mumbai is the hotspot for all the big things – great jobs, good food, fancy pubs and malls and the ocean waves splashing on the marine drive. But, somehow the city keeps everyone so busy that people often need a small break. And, if you are also thinking on the same lines, I have something… Keep Reading

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