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July 29, 2022

What kind of insurance is needed in beauty salons?

Beauty salons are everywhere, and everyone goes there from time to time. Beauty salons are no longer associated with just women as men also go there for grooming services. But some of these beauty salons also need insurance to protect their business from unexpected risks and losses. There aren’t any kind of big losses lingering but some of them could be substantial and it could be hard for the beauty salon to recover from the losses. The beautician or the owner of a beauty salon could get beautician insurance to minimize the risks. Since beauty salons offer services that are customized to each client, they usually need to get liability insurance for their services. Apart from that, a beauty salon could get property insurance. Typically, these two types are common. Let’s see why they are important. 

Property insurance: Well, a beauty salon is located in a brick-and-mortar building so the owner of the beauty salon could go for property insurance as it would cover the building and equipment that is placed there. If there is accidental damage to the property of the equipment, the insurance company will be able to ensure the value that was lost due to the accident. If the beauty salon is popular and has a status to maintain then such incidents require to have insurance as a backup plan. 

Liability insurance: A salon is a place where clients can get hurt by the misuse of any product or by someone’s negligence. Most of the time, it is not so serious but sometimes people tend to hold the beauty salon responsible for the damage. This liability insurance tends to cover such incidents where legal claims need to be resolved. The insurance company will cover the legal fee and provide you with a legal defense. As a result, there won’t be any penalty and the beauty salon will keep on serving other clients. Under liability insurance, there are different types such as:

Employer’s liability insurance: When an employee makes a compensation claim against you whether he or she was on a permanent or temporary basis will be covered under the employer’s liability insurance. 

Product liability insurance: When a product failed to offer the expected services and instead turned out to be harmful, this type of insurance offers to fix the problem in the product. 

Public liability insurance: When more than 1 person claims against you as a member of the public, this type of insurance covers the compensation, but it shouldn’t exceed $250,000.

Do janitorial services have insurance while working in beauty salons?

If the beauty salon is big, it must have hired janitorial services, but these janitors come with their janitorial services insurance that includes compensation if a janitor drops something valuable or a client slips on the floor because of a wet floor. It could be separate from the rest of the beauty salon insurance. Under this kind of insurance, the insurance companies offer compensation for medical expenses if the person had been affected by a fall on a wet floor because of the janitor’s mistake. 

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