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July 11, 2017

5 Essential Fashion Tips For Wearing Exposed Zippers

Zippers have become a staple in the fashion industry, as many dresses, skirts, and pants are equipped with them. However, zippers have moved beyond a purely functional role in clothing, now being added as decorative pieces that can functionally add flavor to any outfit. As with any fashion trend, styling and outfit with clothing that includes decorative zippers can be challenging. Here are five essential tips for wearing zippers:

Choose Aknee-length Zip Front Skirt

The best thing about this fashion choice is that you can use these skirts in a professional and a nightlife setting. Zip front skirts are skirts that close in the front with a zipper. The style helps to elongate the wearer’s body. The zipper design includes two pull tabs, while traditional zippers only include one. The wearer can adjust the lower pull tab to create a custom split. With the ability to customize your split and the ability to transform your look so quickly, zip-front skirts are the way to go.

Style Your Zipper To Contour Your Body

Zippers can contour your body, and can even lead the eye to a particular part of it. Midline zippers, meaning zippers that connect a garment at the center of your body, can draw someone’s eyes closer to the center of their frame, giving the illusion of a thinner body. Zippers on the front anywhere else can help elongate for torso (if wearing a shirt or upper part of a dress) or legs (if wearing pants or a skirt.)

Don’t Go Overboard

When you get a hold of this trend, you may want to style your outfit with tons of zippers, which can look a bit too busy and distracting. Instead, pair an item with decorative zippers with a piece that doesn’t have zippers. For example, pair a zippered skirt with a flowy blouse or top, and try pairing your zippered top with a pair of simple jeans or a skirt.

Keep It Appropriate

Know the difference between flashy and fun and trashy and tragic. If you are wearing a skirt with an adjustable zipper, be sure you are wearing it at a length that is appropriate for your setting. Don’t wear it too short if you are at work. Wait until you go out for drinks with the girls before making your skirt sexier. Same goes with the top. Don’t show too much cleavage at work or in a more professional setting. Dress to impress!

Don’t Limit Yourself to Clothing Pieces

Designers aren’t just adding zippers to skirts, dresses, and pants. The trend is also growing for shoes and accessories. Try pairing your outfit with a handbag with tons of zippers when going out for the night, or you can search for a pair of heels or any other shoes with exposed zippers.


No matter what your style, you can find pieces with zippers to incorporate into your outfit. Be sure to follow these tips for the best result!

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