December 31, 2021

A few mistakes to avoid when assembling a tent for camping

Setting up a tent for camping is half art and half science. It’s like a balance between study and experience. No doubt, it is hard to say something right, but saying about wrong is somehow easier. So, here we have decided to share some common mistakes that travelers often make when setting up their tent during camping. Let’s not waste time and share these mistakes with you. 

Not looking up

We look down. We stare at the trees. We look almost everywhere, but not up, right? Well, this approach won’t work when you are setting up a tent for camping. It is really important to look up while you set up your camping tent. Looking up is important as you need to see things like spider webs, beehives, widowmakers, and so forth. A widowmaker is a tree branch, hanging, broken, or rotten that may probably fall. Looking for them is important, otherwise, you or your loved ones may face an injury. So, look up to see these things. 

Not using poles 

Many individuals believe that staking a tent will overdo it. Also, they think that staking is only needed in a harsh climate, but that is not always true. Sudden and small breezes of wind can pop up your tent’s bottom. Your tent is likely to fly in the air with such gusts of wind, even with some weight in it. Using poles for setting up your tent will ensure that it remains in its place, even during severe weather. 

Not bothering the sun

Though the sun is a crucial aspect, the majority of the people ignore the sunlight when setting up their tent. If you are camping during summers, then assembling your tent in direct sunlight will raise the inside temperature of your tent, which can be harmful. Likewise, if you set up your tent away from the sunlight in the winter, the temperature inside your tent will be much cooler. So, you must find the position of the sunlight during certain times before setting up your tent. 

Not finding the proper ground

Most of us are not used to sleeping on the ground, so that can be difficult during camping. But nothing to worry about as a good ground and properly assembled tent can ease your comfort. Try finding a ground that is free of roots, stones, and branches. Make sure to choose a high spot to avoid filling up your tent with rainwater. Also, you must get a sleeping bag when going camping so that you can have a comfortable sleep in your tent. 

Not spending enough time 

Assembling a tent camp takes much time, so you need to give enough time to a tent set up. It’s because if you fail to set up a tent in time, then you have to lit a fire before it gets dark. So, make sure you spend sufficient time on a tent set up to protect yourself from the wild at night time.

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