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6 Pieces of Gear to Bring on Your Next Czech Holiday

April 17, 2018

Planning a holiday in Prague and environs? Don’t forget to prepare.

In suggested packing list terms, the Czech Republic isn’t wildly different from any other western or central European nation. But that’s no excuse for not doing any homework at all. Whether you’re visiting in winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’ll definitely want to bring these six pieces of clothing and gear along.

1. Waterproof Boots or Shoes

Prague’s not a desert. No matter when you visit, you stand a fair chance of encountering a few raindrops (or an out and out downpour). In central parts of town, where walking is the norm and drainage isn’t great, you’ll need protection for your feet. Knee-high galoshes or waterproof hiking boots work well.

2. Compression Shorts

Not planning to run a marathon while you’re here? Compression shorts might still come in handy. Prague is a walking city, so it’s fair to assume you’ll be spending lots of time on your feet here. Even light to moderate exercise calls for improved circulation and blood flow.

3. Something to Cut the Chill

Like most of central and northern Europe, Prague has a four-season climate. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that, if you visit during the winter months, you’ll want to pack a heavy coat, hat, gloves — the whole nine yards.

What might be more surprising to learn is that even summer nights can get nippy in Prague. Even if you plan to confine your trip to the city and its immediate environs, you’ll want to bring a long-sleeved zip-up or light jacket. If you’re heading up to higher elevations, take something even heavier.

4. Sturdy Walking Shoes or Hiking Boots

In central Prague, the high terrain of the Sudetes, and everywhere in between, you can expect to spend a lot of time on your feet in the Czech Republic. So make sure they’re comfortable and well-supported. Opt for breathable hiking boots or sturdy running shoes with excellent traction, whichever you prefer.

5. A Lightweight Camera (and/or Selfie Stick)

Don’t forget your camera! Prague is one gigantic photo opportunity, and the Czech countryside is pretty photogenic too. If you’re not much of a photographer or don’t feel like sinking a couple hundred bucks into a digital camera, bring a selfie stick to memorialize your vacation.

6. A Backpack or Oversized Purse

You’ll need plenty of on-the-go packing space to carry all these items (and whatever else you choose to bring) when you’re not in your hotel room. Choose the configuration that best fits your sightseeing habits: backpack for security, shoulder bag or purse for easy access.

Pack Light!

Whatever you plan to do on your next Czech holiday, you don’t want to be overloaded with heavy, bulky luggage. Read up on weight-saving packing tips and perform a quick version of the “joy test” — does this item give me joy? What about that one? To separate the essentials from the things you can do without for a week or two. When it comes time to hoist your carry-ons into that impossibly small overhead bin, you’ll thank yourself for the forethought.

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