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June 27, 2019

Guide to a Los Angeles Girls Group Tour

Los Angeles is famous for all the right reasons, and it has gone down in the cultural memory of the U.S. really well. The entire city is a testament to the resilience of The United States of America, and while, the traffic snarls are often a bit too long, and you can find an Instagram influencer on every second door, Los Angeles can still offer so much.

It’s also perfect for a girl’s escape destination, offering wonderful places where you can let your hair down, and enjoy yourselves. Walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and you can imagine the dreams you’ve always held in coming out. However, being in a city as vast can be exhausting if you’re going around in a large group and trying to navigate the place by yourself.

Don’t worry though, Los Angeles charter bus rentals are a great way to get around the city when you don’t have the map completely memorized. As for the places to visit, look below for our list.

1. Santa Monica Pier

The original place to let your hair down, the Santa Monica Pier has been a carnival spot for Los Angeles residents of all ages for long. The Ferris wheel is one of the most recognizable attractions in the entire world. With thousands of movies having been shot here, Santa Monica Pier has been in the crux of the wonderful feelings that make Los Angeles what it currently is.

Go see the Pier, enjoy the rides and the games there, and then move onto having some relaxing fun on the beaches, when you finally move onto the place.

2. J. Paul Getty Museum

One of the most important museums in America, this is the place to be if you want to explore the culture and the historical contexts of the place you’re in. Check out the paintings from different eras, and with baroque and impressionist paintings. The collection is well-curated and makes for one of the best viewings if you’re traveling with a group of people who are into the finer things in life.

3. Dolby Theater

The Kodak Theater has seen the best and worst of Los Angeles for years now. However, it still holds some of the best performances in the country regularly. The who’s who of the musical fraternity have regularly performed here, and there are plays and performances still held here that make this theater the center of the cultural zeitgeist that Los Angeles embodies. Also, you might’ve seen the Kodak Theater in your daily lives, this is the place Oscars have been held for decades.

4. Venice Beach Boardwalk

Not only in Venice Beach one of the best places to let your hair down and enjoy yourselves, but, the Venice Beach Boardwalk brings all the entertainment in one place. With street food vendors, performers and everyone else coming together to create a special experience through the boardwalk. Check out the stores that decorate the side and get yourself some L.A. special merch to bring back to your home.

Venice Canals are also a mere 5-minute walk away too and is a quiet place to walk in when you’re overwhelmed with all that excitement in the Boardwalk.

5. The Murals

Los Angeles is known for having many murals which depict different cultures. From serious portraits of Hip-Hop artists to graffiti that covers entire walls. These murals should be an essential part of your visit. See the super detailed animal paintings on walls, or check out the special things that make the murals come alive.

You and your girlfriends can enjoy Los Angeles for longer and longer hours. Just remember, if you plan to get sloshed, choosing the right kind of bus to the book might be a great way to reach your accommodation safely.

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