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Advantages Of Electrical Linear Actuators

November 22, 2017

The evolution of science has led to many discoveries, including linear actuators that are heavily used in different industries.

A linear actuator is a device that helps to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, allowing jobs to be completed swiftly without requiring manual work. The process is cost-effective and trouble-free.

There are many advantages associated with this device which is why it is used in so many industries today, especially in the manufacturing industry.

With linear actuators, you can automate industrial machines, have precise control over them, move the heavy load from one position to another without any trouble.

Let’s talk about why linear actuators are so popular:


Linear actuators are very safe to use. While there are substitutes to linear actuators, they pose several risks.

Let’s think about what actuators do. They just convert one kind of energy into another. But is this the only way to do so? Not really.

There are several ways to convert energy into linear motion, but actuators are said to be the most effective tools with high success rate and less risk to machinery, products or human life.

The most common substitute is manual work, where you need someone to do the job. This process is not only slow, but the person at work may also get injured or face any other such issues. Whereas, when you have a machine working on its own, there are no such risks.

Less Expensive

Linear actuators are very affordable and do not add to the cost much. Plus, when you actually look at the return on investment figures, you will realize how investing in actuators is a good option.

Sometimes you can add more actuators into a working machine to improve the output. This sounds like an additional expense, but it is one you should make for as long as a result is improved.

Easier To Install

Installing an electrical actuator is a piece of cake because you will only need to connect wires and cables.

Since these are not giant tools, they do not typically come up with tips on how to install them. However, a Google search will help you connect with written and video guides on how to install linear actuators.

Going through these guides will help you do the job without having to look for a professional.


If you think these actuators will add to the pain by causing noise, then you have to think again.

Most linear actuators work silently. However, this largely depends on the type of actuator that you use.

It is all about being careful and picking a product that offers the best outcome.


The advantages of linear actuators are common. They are used everywhere, from household items to big machinery. If you have something that can work better with a linear actuator, then think of getting one today.

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