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deadpool 2

Stuntwoman Killed on Deadpool 2 Set in Freak Accident

SJ Harris, a stuntwoman working on the set of Deadpool 2, died on Monday after a freak accident. Harris, licensed motorcycle road-racer, spent four years in Brooklyn, New York riding through the crowded streets before turning to a professional career as a bike rider in Hollywood. Harris was killed during a motorcycle stunt in Vancouver,… Keep Reading

Prague Marketing Festival
Prague News

Marketing Festival Comes to Prague on November 9th

Prague’s Congress Centre will host the Marketing Festival on November 9-10, which will see the top names in digital marketing take the stage. The annual event includes 1,700 marketers from around the world, 9 top speakers and 50 workshops. The two-day event will include workshops on Thursday and the top 9 speakers on Friday. The… Keep Reading

india travel visa application

Indian visa requirements for Czechs

There are 150 countries whose citizens can apply for an Indian e-visa, and the Czech Republic is one of them. If you are planning to travel to India, on whatever grounds, you can apply for an Indian e-visa. That will save you plenty of time. You are no longer required to go to the Indian… Keep Reading

Advertising on billboards

How can we make advertising revolutionary

Do you wish to see your web page appear on the first page of a web search? Yes? Well, you are in for real luck! is the real deal. Search engines have a stranglehold on who appears on the top of the food chain in the world of website search engine ranking. If you… Keep Reading

SAP training videos

Simplify Your SAP Training with Videos

Do you want to pursue the best course and get the right job in the business world? If you answered yes, SAP is the right way to go. SAP is an accounting software that is utilized by both small and big corporations. The most successful companies that appear in the Fortune 500 companies use SAP.… Keep Reading

Roma people
EU News

Hindus urge Europe to stop discrimination against Roma people

BRUSSELS – July 30, 2017 – Hindus are urging for an immediate end to apartheid conditions of European Roma in view of findings of the recent Pew Research Center (PRC) survey which concluded that “Roma widely rejected” in Central and Eastern Europe. The results of survey—“Religious Belief and National Belonging in Central and Eastern Europe”—in… Keep Reading

Charles Lubbat

Interview with digital marketer Charles Lubbat

A business consultant specializing in front-end development and digital marketing, Charles Lubbat deeply enjoys working with startup entrepreneurs and is energized by the inherent challenges associated with any early-stage business endeavor. A resident of Houston, Texas, Charles is a basketball enthusiast who is also fond of the outdoors, but he prefers to dedicate his free… Keep Reading

Hyde Park London

A Tour of Hyde Park in London

One of the London’s eight Royal Parks that welcome millions of Londoners and tourists every year, Hyde Park is spread over 350 acres, where one can enjoy boating, swimming, cycling, horse riding and more. At this park, one can see famous landmarks in the form of memorials and statues, along with famous lakes and fountains.… Keep Reading

Resolving Contract Dispute

Resolving a Contract Dispute

The relationship that you form as part of your business is going to be critical your success and survival. It includes not only the relationships with your customer base but with your employees, vendors, contractors, investors, landlords and anyone else that may work with you in some way. As your business begins to develop it… Keep Reading

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