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grupo vidanta
Posted on in Business

Grupo Vidanta Combines Philanthropy and Environmental Sustainability at the Vidanta Foundation

Grupo Vidanta is one of the largest and most popular travels and leisure conglomerates in Latin America. Its real estate assets include seven luxury resorts with championship courses, a private construction company, the Mar de Cortés or Puerto Peñasco International Airport, and the only resident Cirque du Soleil show in Mexico. The Vidanta resorts, stretching… Keep Reading

Prague Micro Festival
Posted on in Culture

Prague Microfestival 2019 Marks its 11th Edition

Prague Microfestival (PMF) is an annual international festival of the arts, combining contemporary writing with art, film, and performance. Every year PMF welcomes renowned and budding authors from across the world, letting them share the floor with musicians, performers, and visual artists, in a rich mixture of art forms. PMF 2019 will bring a unique… Keep Reading

czechia flag
Posted on in Czech News

How Has the Eurozone Debt Crisis Affected the Czech Republic?

The Eurozone debt crisis is still the elephant in the room and still affecting a majority of European countries – even those that don’t outwardly show signs of distress. However, even countries outside of the euro have seen undue distress due to the crisis. The Czech Republic was all set to adopt the EUR –… Keep Reading

Posted on in World News

Smart Home Technology Meets In-Home Health Care in the UAE

The Dubai Health Authority recently began a new program that would allow aging, sick, incapacitated and healthy residents alike to receive in-home health care using smart home technology. The initiative was spearheaded by H.E. Humaid Al Qatami, Director General of DHA, and the mission is to provide home care team members with the ability to… Keep Reading

Trump Abe
Posted on in World News

Decades On, US-Japan Military Alliance At Risk

Government Conflict Represents Risk To US-Japan Alliance The United States and Japan have long been allied forces; despite the obvious conflicts during World War II, Japan is allied with the US over territorial disputes with China, while relationships in that area also provide the US with an anchor in its military conflict with North Korea.… Keep Reading

Prague Gaming Summit 2019
Posted on in Prague News

Prague Gaming Summit 2019 Dates Announced

The Prague Gaming Summit is a favorite way for many in the technology or gaming industry to network, learn and come away with great ideas. The annual gathering produced by European Gaming Events, formerly EEGE Events, the Prague Gaming Summit brings together hundreds of members of people eager to talk about trends, products, challenges, and… Keep Reading

china flag
Posted on in World News

China Keeps a Clandestine Den of Spies

The glory days of the 1960s through the 1980s, when the United States had global economic, technological and military supremacy are over. Under President Xi Jinping’s rule, China is fast catching up and may now be on a level with the US on every front. While American experts did everything, from brainstorming the concept, doing… Keep Reading

Prague Pride
Posted on in Czech News

Marriage For All Comes to Czech Chamber of Deputies

Prague, Czech Republic — The lower house of the Czech Parliament is set to debate the legalization of same-sex marriage. On Wednesday, 31 October, marriage equality is for the first time in history guaranteed to be on the agenda of the 20th meeting of the Chamber of Deputies. The opening of this debate item will… Keep Reading

Istanbul Airport 1
Posted on in World News

Istanbul’s New Airport Aims to be the Largest in the World

It’s award-winning and already hit with controversies. Istanbul’s new airport was officially inaugurated on Monday, October 29, on the national republic holiday of Turkey, although it won’t be fully functioning until the end of the year. Istanbul’s third airport and the world’s largest terminal will serve with half of its capacity for a while until… Keep Reading

Phillip Hammond
Posted on in EU News

How the Budget Will Help Those with Long-Term Debt in the UK

The 2018 budget is being released today by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, and a lot of it aims to help those who have found themselves with long-term debt. Phillip Hammond is set to unveil a plan to solve problem debt, helping those trapped in debt which has been caused by payday loans… Keep Reading

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