Where is the biggest gender pay gap in the Czech Republic?

Difference between wages for men and women is still surprisingly big

Prague, April 22 (ČTK) — Central Bohemia and the Karlovy Vary region have the smallest difference between the wages of men and women, while the difference is the biggest in Prague, Moravia and South Bohemia, according to an analysis of server from data of more than 100,000 anonymous users.

“The reason is likely the traditional roles of women in Moravia and the influence of wages of top managers of big companies in Prague,” said analyst Zdeněk Němec.

As for the reasons for the balanced wage development in Central Bohemia and the Karlovy Vary region, there are no easy answers, but a lot of speculation.

“In Central Bohemia, it can be the presence of multinational technical concerns where wages are set for the given positions [carmakers Skoda Auto and TPCA and large hospitals],” Němec said.

“In the Karlovy Vary region, there are many small companies and the tradition of the spa industry, health services and traditionally high representation of women with low wages,” he added.

The differences are probably not related to unemployment, as the biggest differences are in Prague, which has the lowest unemployment in the country in the long term. Wages are more balanced in the Karlovy Vary region, where unemployment has been moving around 10 percent for several years.

However, the ratio between the wages of men and women corresponds with the regions’ share in GDP formation, Němec remarked.

Wages of men and women and differences in them in individual regions:

RegionAverage monthly wage of men (Kč)average monthly wage of women (Kč)Difference (percent)
Central Bohemia26,85721,27925
Karlovy Vary22,81218,10926
Hradec Králové24,63719,15429
South Bohemia24,46718,70031
South Moravia27,58620,90632


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