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November 20, 2020

6 Ways Tech Gifted Productivity Apps That Changed Our Daily Life

In our everyday lives, the features of technology increase daily from everyday things to comprehensive management solutions. Technology is making these tasks look flexible and easy at doing. Most uncomplicated tech innovations like productivity apps have been adopted and used all over the world. 

Today, most individuals have their gadgets that are useful products and rock with every job to improve productivity. Here are several aspects in which technology gifted ways of being more productive are being used.


1. Effective Planning

The secret of a productive life lies in effective planning. Legends believe that planning helps you stay ahead of time, which causes you to spend your day productively. Hence the productivity apps that technology has provided us let us plan our day and help us to stick with it by sending reminders. 

2. More Organized 

Effective planning of the day is directly proportional to a more organized day. Because when we plan our day ourselves, we sometimes feel lazy or forget to follow it. But with these apps, the planned schedule is hard to overlook. We get regular reminders and notifications of the upcoming task, and we do it immediately. Which eventually makes us more organized.

3. Better Communication

In modern times like the ones we live in, it’s challenging to keep the pace of tasks or relationships. For instance, you have a meeting or a loved one’s birthday party, but you are occupied, and you forgot to tell them. Now the reaction of this forgetfulness may cost you your peace. Instead, with a productivity app, you can share your schedule with them or send an automated message to excuse. This way, they will understand your situation or reschedule the meeting. You will save time, energy, and effort here.

4. Time Management

Time management is a crucial area where productivity apps like google calendar have given us a hand. With all the planning, time management comes hand in hand. When we use technology to help us use our time ”on-time”, we become habitual of spending our day a certain way. We set our meetings, reminders for exercise, dates for special occasions, and even about picking up the keys while leaving home. The apps keep reminding us every day, so one day, we will memorize it, and there will be no need to set reminders anymore.

5. Boost Collaborative Tasks

Productivity apps are used in all spheres of life. Let it be your work schedule, meetings, or even your personal lives. Still, it is constructive for the team to carry out projects without getting confused about sharing the data or missing out on anything important. These apps let you share your calendar with everyone else, so nobody gets lost out on any meeting.

6. Better Sorted Approach

We share our day with dozens of other people as everyone has their share in it based on their role. It sometimes gets very mixed up in our minds to sort the time for personal and professional work. But with one of the productivity apps, you will have everything sorted. They offer different schedules for different categories. 

You will not get confused and waste your time searching for the time of meeting you have with your business partner, or you will not have to look through the whole calendar to find out the schedule of your partner’s promotion dinner. There are categories where you can save the data separately, and it is a lifesaver.

If you have not yet used a productivity app, this is your chance to try it out. Do you want our suggestions? Here you go with the top 3 productivity apps according to our reviews.

1. Clendly’s Google Calendar for Professionals 

It is an online appointment application that is automated. It incorporates a Google calendar that manages your data and makes your living simpler. If you have a couple of meetings to arrange regularly, with a professional administrative assistant’s expertise, it will increase the efficiency.

2. Zapier for Daily Use

This one carries out the moderate, repetitive activities that take up brainpower and drain creativity. On the other hand, the application also ensures that you don’t forget your work process’s critical components. It combines all messaging channels and centralizes alerts to get your day’s notifications, and you have to use one messaging platform.

3. Evernote for Content Creators

For organizing and archiving material, Evernote is a pretty impressive app. It provides flexibility to organizations at many levels, so you can fix it up in ways that satisfy your priorities. What’sWhat’s different? The optical character recognition (OCR) feature of Evernote transforms your handwritten lettering into searchable content.

Technology is impressive because it has transformed our mundane lives into interesting everyday tasks with gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc. We have to use it the right way to take full advantage of the blessings.

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