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internet of things
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Guide to Building an IoT-based App

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually entering our everyday lives and transforming the way we used to use the things around us. The high popularity of this concept caused the rapid Internet of Things application development. More and more IT companies offer their services in building software for IoT. Such applications are also called… Keep Reading

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Major Robotics Trends Everyone Should Know About

Robots are used in multiple industries today, in various processes, from manufacturing to packaging and delivering. Automation is making its way not only in the business world but also in people’s homes. While robots are common presences in certain domains like electronics and vehicle manufacturing, some industries still rely on the human workforce to complete… Keep Reading

Cyber Security - Hacker
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What kind of Cyber Crimes Can I Be Charged with in Tampa, Florida?

Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime in Tampa, Florida. Thanks to technology, the scope of these crimes are evolving at record speeds. Florida Statute §815.06 defines cybercrime as computer-related crimes. Categorized under two classifications, the first is intellectual property, and the second is individual users and systems. As criminal crimes, the level of punishment reflects… Keep Reading

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The Biggest Cyber Threats Banks Will Face in 2019

These days, most banking transactions happen online, and data is stored digitally. It’s a convenient way to handle personal finances but also a very dangerous one, with the proliferation of cyber attacks. People trust their banks to protect their hard-earned income and sensitive personal details. So it makes perfect sense that banks would be pushing… Keep Reading

vpn private proxy
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How Can You Identify the Best VPN Provider for Your Small Business?

While running a small business can be rewarding, there are also many challenges that you have to face. This includes making sure you maximize exposure and success levels while also controlling your business budget. This is not always easy, as there are many different products and services your business may need to spend money on.… Keep Reading

esports pro gamers
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Who are the Czech Republic’s Most Successful Pro Gamers?

The Czech Republic has given the world many sporting greats. From the likes of tennis players ranging from Martina Navratilova to Petra Kvitova, to football stars such as Roma’s Patrik Schick, the small nation has left a surprisingly large footprint on the sporting world. But away from traditional sports such as football and tennis, it… Keep Reading

mobile app
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Popular Mobile Application Development Trends of 2019

If yours is an online business, you must have noticed the changing digital trends and practices. Last year was phenomenal because of technological advancements. That doesn’t cease the expansion. There’s more to expect as you cross through 2019. The domain of mobile application development has been changing at a fast pace. This year, it has… Keep Reading

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Are Humans Becoming Obsolete in the Workforce?

Robotic automation and artificial intelligence have changed the face of our society. Robots have already replaced human workers on factory production lines, building everything from toy cars to real ones; and in agriculture, picking and processing nuts and grains with greater efficiency than any human labor force ever could. This wave continues, with drones, driverless… Keep Reading

instagram automation
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How Quality Blogs Can Aid Your Business Success

When it comes to your small business, it is only natural that you want to enjoy success, boost your image, and gain the trust of your audience. However, wanting it and achieving it are two quite different matters. So, how can you boost your business success while also achieving and maintain the trust and confidence… Keep Reading

Self-Driving Cars
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Self-Driving Cars: Know Everything About Them

Some call it a fad. Some call it the wonders of technology. However you choose to call it, self-driving cars can simply be described as vehicles that were designed to transport people from one location to another without human intervention. The goal of inventing such automated cars is to create safer roads, reduce street congestion,… Keep Reading

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