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The Best Fountain Pen for Every Budget

Fountain pens have been around for many years and are steadily gaining popularity among both writers and calligraphers. This is due to their efficiency and the smooth flow of ink they provide. People love fountain pens because they look great and offer comfort making it easier to use them for long periods of writing and journaling.

If you’re considering what is the best fountain pen for you, here are the best choices for you to consider.

Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari

This is among the best pens in the market. It features a sturdy nib that assures its durability and also provides a smooth ink flow.

If you plan to use your pen for long sessions of either writing or calligraphy, then this is a perfect choice. This is mainly because it features an ergonomic grip that is comfortable to use.

The Lamy Safari pens also come in different colors and are made with a sleek design that makes them look classy. They are made from an indestructible plastic that assures it will serve you for a long time.

Its design is made to be lightweight and easy on the hands and comes with a small window that helps indicate where the ink has reached. This helps prompt you when you need to refill your ink.

The Lamy Safari pen also goes further to provide pens that cater to left-handed people. You’ll not go wrong if you choose to purchase this pen.

Pilot Metropolitan

Pilot Metropolitan

The pilot metropolitan is a great choice given that it is affordable and does not compromise on quality. It features a great nib that allows for a smooth flow of ink with no breaks as you write or draw.

It is made to be sturdy and features a weighted body construction that is friendly for you to use. It comes in different colors allowing you to get one that appeals to you and your style. It also comes with different patterns making it a unique feature compared to other pens.

If you’re looking for a pen that is beginner-friendly, quality guaranteed, and appealing to the eyes then this is the pen for you.



This is a budget-friendly pen that caters to entry-level people who would love to explore the use of fountain pens. It is a great choice given that it features a piston mechanism that is not found in many other pens.

This mechanism is used to replace the need of having a converter in your pen. This is because, with a converter, the amount of ink you add to your pen will be limited.

It also has a clear barrel that provides the advantage of watching the ink as you write and better inform you of when to refill the ink.

As you already know, cleaning your fountain pen is essential. This pen makes it easier for the user seeing as it is easy to disassemble and clean using the special wrench they provide.

Lamy Studio

Lamy Studio

The Lamy Studio pens come in a variety of styles. They feature those with a stainless steel nib and those with a gold nib. This makes them a bit more expensive. They are however great quality and feature nibs that allow for a smooth flow of ink.

These pens stand out from the rest because of their exterior and metal body. They are made to impress the eye and provide a classy vibe.

Their aesthetic design is made to fit in different environments making them a perfect choice. They also come with the option of using ink cartridges or a converter that comes with bottled ink.

Waterman Fountain Pen

Waterman Fountain Pen

This pen ticks the boxes on both aesthetics and performance. It features a well-built metal body that is sleek and minimalistic. It also comes in different styles that have a variety of features.

Their nib sizes range from fine to medium and feature both stainless steel and gold nibs. This makes them a great option with variety.

Once you get the pen, it will most likely come in blue or black ink. You however have the option of getting ink cartridges that have different colors of ink. This will help especially if you plan to incorporate different colors in your writing.

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

The Lamy 2000 is a great pen for those long writing sessions. If you’re working on writing a novel and plan to do it by hand for long hours, then this is the pen for you. It features a great body that allows for an easy grip and a comfortable feel.

It is made of quality glass that assures its durability even when used for years. It comes with nibs in different sizes. It is however advised to get a nib size that is lower than your normal nib size.

This is because they tend to be larger than the rest. They also feature a piston mechanism that allows the pen to accommodate twice the amount of ink held in a typical converter.

Pilot Vanishing Point

Pilot Vanishing Point

If you are the type of person who loves jotting things down and you always carry paper and a pen with you, then this is the choice for you. This pen comes highly recommended for this because it features a retractable nib.

It is made with a mechanism that allows the nib to vanish with the click of a button. They come in two types that feature different weights that cater to different people.

From lightweight that best serves people who prefer fast writing to a heavier weight suited for people who prefer large pens. This is a good budget-friendly pen and is great for both beginners and pros who have been using fountain pens for years.

Montblanc Fountain Pen

Montblanc Fountain Pen

This pen comes with a gold nib of different sizes. It promises efficiency and high performance. This is because it is made using resin for the outer body which also allows it to last longer.

It also comes with a piston mechanism that allows the user to add in a sizable amount of ink. You have the option of using cartridges that allow you to use different colors of ink. This feature comes in handy and also makes the writing process more enjoyable.

Platinum Preppy

Platinum Preppy

This is among the cheapest pens on this list. This is because the company manufactures and assembles their pens and nibs in-house. Doing this makes it easy for them to lower their prices and not compromise on quality.

Although it is relatively cheap you are assured of great ink flow and a sturdy and well-built pen. You can use this pen with different inks without running into any issues. This however requires you to invest in a compatible converter that allows for the use of different inks.

Kaweco Al Sport

Kaweco Al Sport

This pen is made from solid aluminum which gives it a sturdy and durable feel. It is a wonderful pen especially if you’re looking for a compact option. This is because, although it is a full-size standard fountain pen, it can easily fit into your pocket.

This is made possible by the unique cap that it comes with. The cap extends to half the body of the pen allowing you to easily move around with it. It also gives you the option of changing nib sizes whenever you want to.

It has a grip section that allows for different nibs to be screwed in and out as the owner sees fit. This makes it a great choice if you’re starting and would like to experiment to see which nib size works for you.


As you consider getting into the use of fountain pens and start discovering its diversity, take your time to find a pen that suits you.

Be sure to get a pen that ticks all or some of your requirement boxes. This will ensure that once you have the pen you’ll be in a position to use it with ease. Remember that you are spoilt for choice.

If one doesn’t work for you then consider investing in a different option. This will allow you to experiment and test the waters.

At the end of it all, you’ll have found the perfect fountain pen that is within your budget and also works great. So, which pen do you think appeals to you?

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