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February 3, 2018

5 Simple Rules To Create Click Baiting Content

Why are we still hating on media or anyone engaged in using clickbait to level up their views? The “phenomenon” of clickbait is actually pretty old, but now we just got a word to designate it with. Any kind of intriguing, amusing or shocking headlines and soundbites used on TV or by big tabloids is not something new in the media world. Many of us must have seen some kind of an old movie with a little boy selling papers and yelling in the streets about the latest scoop. Isn’t that a living example of clickbait? Of course with the Internet things got different, and if an old paper would just exaggerate a story by using a bold headline, today a caption on some internet video might have nothing in common with its content. But the title and thumbnail made you click. How? Well, let’s figure out what kind of magic power article writers use nowadays to grab your attention and made you click the link.

#1 Eye-Catching Title

This is probably a holy grail for many content creators. When we browse the web or a website the amount of information basically “poured” on us is enormous. In such conditions, our brain has created a habit of taking only something unique, odd or even bizarre out of the pile of words and sentences. It’s getting hard to impress people and sometimes it has to be something super rare, gripping or simply crazy. Keep it simple, no one’s going to read huge titles, but short, easy, yet questionable.

#2 Trigger Emotions & Feelings

Many controversial celebrities, especially rock musicians, love to say they don’t give a damn what others think of them till it’s hate or love. The worst is evoking nothing. And it’s brilliant! To make something viral or deliberately provoking make it triggering. Don’t take the word wrong, you just need to make people relate to this article or this video. It gives comfort and feeling of solidarity with the content creator. Sometimes just by making people feel better about themselves and helping to boost their self-esteem, the content may go viral. Obviously, there is an option to go in the opposite direction and evoke harrowing and sorrowful emotions, but don’t do too far on the “dark side.”

#3 Art Of Thumbnail

In the age of digital photography and visualization, any kind of online content is accompanied by the pictures. They catch attention even better than the title, so putting up the right one must intrigue and create a necessity to click the link. No surprise here, the thumbnail is often misleading. Sometimes it’s the only way for some creators to get the audience. But it doesn’t have to be always this way, a thumbnail that will fit the content essence and represent its hidden meaning, therefore make people question it, is the best way to go.

#4 Keep Up With The World

It’s just like with the news, no one remembers what happened last week but still looks forward to each new CNN episode. As long as your content has the quality of recency about it, it will interest people. Keep up with what’s on everybody’s lips right now, get your hands on the latest scoop and express your individual and unique look at the subject matter.

#5 Define The Target Audience

Since the goal is to attract people, define who do you think would find your content interesting and incorporate this fact into the title or thumbnail. You need to show people straight away that this article, for instance, is just about them and was created especially for them.

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