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Tips to Consider While Planning Your First RV Trip

Outdoor camping in an RV with family or friends is a dream most of us have.

RV camping in movies makes it look like a very simple affair where you suddenly pack your bags and leave for the wild.

However, to have a peaceful and tension-free RV trip, you must plan all the essentials properly.

This article will take you through some tips that will help you have a chill, fun-filled, and relaxed RV trip and camping experience.

6 Tips to Consider While Planning Your First RV Trip

Rent an RV:

The first thing you need to have to make an RV trip is, well, an RV.

For many people, buying a recreational vehicle for the occasional outdoor trip may not sound ideal.

Buying an RV requires you to have the appropriate parking space, do periodic maintenance, buy insurance, etc. which becomes quite costly if you’re not planning on frequently using the vehicle.

The next best option is to rent out your RV, which is the practical step for most.

Before renting your RV, make sure to understand the basics of RVs and pick the one that fits you best.

There are two types of recreational vehicles for starters: towable ones and motorized ones.

If you’re picking a towable RV, you need a vehicle ready that can tow it. On the other hand, motorized RVs are driveable and don’t have to be attached to any other vehicle to move.

Similarly, make sure that all the paperwork is up-to-date for the RV, verify that all the essentials you need for your trips, such as a kitchen or a bathroom, are available, and more importantly, make sure that the vehicle can comfortably fit all the passengers while moving & resting.

Pick Your Destination:

Selecting your destination is another crucial step in planning your trip.

Before picking your destination, understand what your desire is.

Are you looking for a social adventure with other RV owners?

Then a nearby RV park will be appropriate.

In case you’re looking for a more outdoorsy experience, then pick a spot where there is enough road availability to take your RV and park it.

Also, if you need to rely on external sources for electricity, water, etc., then do note that all RV parks won’t have such facilities available.

Pack Appropriately:

While packing, carry all essential items such as kitchen stuff, appropriate clothing, electric stoves, emergency lighting lamps, etc.

It would help if you kept in mind your destination while packing stuff. For example, if you’re going to the beach, you’ll require bathing suits, water bottles, insect repellants, sunscreen, etc.

Similarly, while packing, make sure to carry the essentials that your RV will require in case of an emergency, such as extra fuel, shovels, spare tires, etc.

Take Care of the Garbage:

Most people plan everything else but forget the garbage they’ll generate during their outdoor trip.

Don’t be that person who litters garbage in the surroundings during an outdoor trip. Consider enough garbage bags/bins to dispose of both wet and dry wastes.

Also, after collecting the garbage, make sure to only dispose of the bags in the designated garbage bins to keep the area clean and neat.

Avoid Causing Nuisance to Others:

Make sure to respect the privacy of others when camping in a crowded location. Don’t play loud music or cause any other nuisances that you wouldn’t want to happen to your camping party.

Similarly, remember not to block the right of way to others while parking your RV. Moving your RV away after setting your camping spot would be annoying. Therefore, it is best to pick an appropriate spot at the beginning itself.

Include Multiple-Licensed Drivers for Long Journeys:

Most RVs will have designated sleeping areas. However, it won’t be as comfortable as sleeping in the comforts of your bed at home.

Thus, you’ll be tired during a long RV trip, affecting your ability to drive.

If you’re planning an RV road trip spanning multiple days, it is best to have multiple drivers who can rotate shifts, thus reducing the chances of any accidents due to negligence.

What More?

We’ve included some essential tips to consider while planning an RV trip, which will help first-timers very much to have a relaxed and enjoyable time during their outdoor RV trip.

It is always a good idea to get suggestions, tips, and ideas from your friends and family who’ve previously been on RV trips to avoid any mistakes they committed and enjoy in the best way possible.

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