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June 19, 2021

Are you an artist? Here are the best US cities to live in

Creators are always assets of our society but the irony is that most of them struggle through their life. New York and LA are dream cities of every artist but living in these cities takes a lot of money. Even cities like Portland and Austin are hard to afford, unlike earlier times when the cost of living was low in these areas. So, where should you settle? Let’s find out what the top most affordable movers have to offer.

The U.S. is full of artists including musicians, illustrators, tinkerers, and writers, etc. and there are places other than New York and LA that recognize the worth of creators. We have come up with a list of cities that welcome the artists with open arms with full liveability options. You can choose a place from this list as per your preference if you need to be in nature or a dose of beer is all that you need to kick start your creative side.

Bend, Oregon

Bend is considered as a replacement for Portland. This high-desert city is full of creative spirit including breweries and stellar restaurants. The Bachelor and the Three Sister’s mountain peaks provide perfect space for artists to indulge in their world of creation. Though the housing prices are rising, Bend is still an affordable living place. Though Bend tends to be the next Portland, its population is only 105000 and an average house rent for 1BD is $864.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The New Mexican cuisine is the main reason that this city is included in the list of artists. People don’t feel like leaving the town once they dine at Frontier and Sadie’s. Other big reasons that attract artists to the town are the Sandia Mountains and the Pueblo Revival architecture of the city. Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico with a cosmopolitan population. Diverse culture, craft breweries, desert landscape, and amazing restaurants make Albuquerque the right choice for artists to live. Albuquerque’s hot balloon air festival Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta happens in October and kayaks along the Rio Grande are big tourist attractions. The city has a population of 561,000 and an average 1BD rent here is $724.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore’s colorful outlook provides the perfect energy for the artists to bring out their creativity. The city is full of color as you can find rainbow-colored row houses, kaleidoscopes drawn on the buildings, bridges colored with primary pops, and street art & amazing statues. Baltimore has a range of art museums including The American Visionary Art Museum, the Walters Art Museum, the Creative Alliance, and the Baltimore Museum of Art. The city has produced many legendary celebrities like John Waters, Joyce Scott, Kondwani Fidel, and Amy Sherald. With all the creative inspirations Baltimore also provides a low cost of living that makes it a good choice for artists. With a population of 594,000 people, Baltimore’s average 1BD rental is $951.

Fort Collins, Colorado

As they say, beer brings out the art from the artists and that makes Fort Collins a good choice. The town is famous for its finest ale that is produced by Odell, Ft. Collin’s Brewery, New Belgium, and Funkwerks. Fishing, rafting, hiking, skiing, biking, and golfing are some more feathers in the crown of Fort Collins making it a creative hub. Fort Collins’s amazing weather along with affordable living makes it the right choice for the artists. The city has a population of 173,000 people with an average $962 1BD rental.

Nashville, Tennessee

With a population of 673,000 people, this musical city is open to all types of artistic activities. The average rental for 1BD is $952 making Nashville an affordable living place. Food and bars add more to your list of reasons to choose the city as your next destination. Nashville is known as the city of music as it has almost 120 live music venues. People prefer biking and walking to see its beautiful landscape, even horse trails are a part of its landscape. Food and quality of life in Nashville are two big factors that attract artists.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is a beautiful city with many tags to its name including the name of the city is after a president’s name and its streets are named after men who signed the Constitution. The city is full of life as you can find live music, restaurants, and artwork here. University of Wisconsin and Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and a storehouse of vintage books Paul’s Book Store are artistic attractions. The city is situated at the split of two lakes and includes three lakes. The streets of the city are always full of college students’ crowd making it a lively and colorful place. The population of the city is 264,000 and the average rent for 1BD is $846. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Though Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in America, it also has a niche for art along with the fast pace of the city. Street art and pop-up exhibits are equally a part of the city along with all the metropolitan hustle. You can easily find the works of artists in the city including Nile Livingston, Grace Jones, and James Baldwin. Philadelphia’s small-town vibes with all big-city amenities make it a favorite place of all kinds of artists including tech-savvy creators.

These are the best cities to move to in the US that would be of artistic interest. Know more about these cities and pick the one that offers s you the best lifestyle and creative opportunities. 

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