Southern Idaho RV & Marine’s Tips for Preparing Your RV for the Winter

As Recreational Vehicle (RV) prices continue to rise, more and more buyers are forced to spend years saving up for the funds needed to make the purchase. After all, getting a vehicle that also features as a portable home will come at a hefty price. Therefore, it is not surprising that the more advanced the add-on features continue to be, the more expensive it will be to get an RV.

Well, expectedly, people who do make the purchase are going to be very overprotective of their new asset. And rightly so. Fortunately, there are many different ways to keep an RV safe and away from any hazardous exposure that could put it in harm’s way. One of the most common periods, when such concerns arise, is in the winter. So, what should RV owners who want to prepare their transportation/housing for the low temperatures and unforgiving weather do?

Check for External Cracks and Disable the Electronics

According to a reputable company from this industry, Southern Idaho RV & Marine located in Jerome, Idaho, the first step that you should take towards winter-proofing your RV is checking for external holes or cracks. The reason why is that any type of exposure to the outside temperatures, no matter how small it is, might be detrimental. It can cause your RV’s internal temperature to vary enough to prompt issues with condensation or overwork your heating system. Moreover, if there are holes that have a decent size, you could be risking exposure to many kinds of insects and animals who are looking for a place to spend the winter. Unfortunately, if they do get inside, they are likely going to spread around and require complex extermination when the summer arrives.

Once you ensure that there are no holes or cracks, it is time to disable any electronic devices. This includes anything that may be powered via the vehicle’s battery or remote batteries that can be taken out. If you end up taking the main battery from under the hood out, always remember to still turn on your RV at least once a month for about six to eight hours. Doing so will protect its internal mechanisms and prevent long-term problems with a faulty starter or wiring.

Tire Protection

RV tires are one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to RV winterization, says Southern Idaho RV & Marine. The reason why is that people tend to neglect them since most other cars do not need additional tire care when the temperatures are low. And although this is true, most of these individuals fail to realize that their regular vehicles do not need winter tire protection because they get driven. That means that the tires are moving enough to remain functional. In case of an RV that is going to sit still for months at a time, the tires may be exposed to long periods of damaging sunlight as well as freezing temperatures.

In translation, the ground around and underneath them will freeze and likely cause the tires to freeze. After a while, repetitive freezing can lead to cracks. The easiest way to avoid any such predicament is to simply park the RV in a garage or some kind of covered storage. Doing so will mean that the motorhome is not exposed to constant weather conditions outside. If this scenario is not realistic, however, simply putting a cover over the tires to protect from the sun and something underneath them to protect from the frozen conditions will suffice.

Drain the Plumbing

Southern Idaho RV & Marine further emphasizes that all plumbing of the rig should be drained. This could probably be classified as the most critical step because failing to do it might cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Why does this happen? Well, water that remains in the RV’s pipes will freeze and expand. During the process, it can cause the plumbing to burst and potentially flood the essential areas that require specialized care. Not to mention the cost of entirely replacing the pipes themselves. So, getting an air compressor and the right plugs used to do the draining is much more convenient than spending thousands of dollars on a brand-new plumbing system.

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