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March 26, 2021

9 Apps That Will Help You With Homework

Not everyone can perceive technical information, and no student wants poor performance, especially in math. But many apps may improve your knowledge on various subjects. They are beneficial in terms of research, difficult topics, or second opinions. 

Sometimes, when a teacher delivers new material, a student may not grasp the content; thus, it is essential to have extra resources that offer solutions. For instance, you can seek assistance from a paper writer service and submit your homework on time.

This article discusses various homework applications that can help you with your academic assignments. Below are the apps that every student must know.

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Socratic by Google

The app supports mathematics, chemistry, history, and English among other subjects. Apart from solving a task, it also enables you to understand and identify your weaknesses. All you have to do is zoom the question, crop it out, then scan or take a picture, and upload it. Socratic detects the keywords in the question and searches the databases. 

Students love it because it is suitable for quick and specific research. Moreover, you can imagine how fast it can find the answers while you are typing or saying the question. The app has trainers who create video content with details and extra information for the learners.

Microsoft Math Solver

If you are stuck with difficult math homework, Microsoft Math Solver is the best option. It is a mathematics calculator app that comes with a camera, as well as draw and type features. The camera can capture and find solutions to all the problems while showing corresponding steps. Moreover, you can save and share the steps alongside the solution. 

The other option allows you to draw the numbers horizontally so the system can understand them. Since the app is adapted to written numbers, it comes with a calculator to help enter and solve the problems.

Google Translate

This online tool translates from one language to another while supporting a wide range of languages. This app is helpful for students who are non-native speakers. You can draw, type, or speak with your friends as the app translates in real-time.


It is a community-based app where you can post questions to a school or college network. You pose your question, select the subject it falls under, and press “ask the community.” Before getting an answer, you need to solve any problem posted on the platform to gain the required points. If you want to view your points, go to your profile page. Remember that whenever a posting happens, you will get a notification and wait for someone to answer. 


Another efficient math solver is the Photomath. However, you have to download the app and sign up to open an account. It works via photo technology. You have to take a picture of your math problem; it will scan the image and give various solutions. 

It doesn’t just give you the result but offers step-by-step instructions for that. You can then use that information for other math questions. It comprises an animated tutorial, textbooks, actual answers, and graphs. 

Yup Homework Help 

In this app, a team of experts with over five years of teaching experience and higher education in mathematics help students solve mathematical questions. A certified committee and agency monitor the knowledge quality that students receive through the app. It is quite efficient since tutors are available 24/7 for engagement.


With this application, you should take a picture of your problem, and artificial intelligence deals with it. In case the scanner fails to recognize the problem, it gives a secondary option to contact a real qualified expert via smartphone. It works by sending a text message, and within a few minutes, the trainer will offer assistance. Highly responsive trainers and competent tutors are available at all times.

Apart from homework, PhotoStudy will teach you new material. Just download the application and get more than 700+ lessons on different subjects. Classes are run through chat rooms, and if you do not understand a lesson, you can write back and get a detailed explanation.


This app helps you write essays and gather information. After logging in, you proceed to a page where you can search for the necessary topic. Moreover, it provides several results related to your search.

You may find an entire essay or a paragraph that you can incorporate into your paper. The app has a button so you can add citations and paraphrase the text to make it original. But if you still find it challenging, you can research online on how to write perfect essays.


For students looking for content mastering, learning new topics, finding answers, and improving prior knowledge in a particular field, Quizlet is a perfect choice. It has a collection of premade flashcards with information in short abstracts. Besides, you can develop your modules or use the existing ones. 

For instance, if you want to learn about biology, type “biology” in the search engine, and the app will pop up study sets on that subject. Proceed to pick the one that suits your research. 

The app is advantageous since it is on your phone; thus, you don’t have to carry around many flashcards and risk losing some. You only have to flip and find the information during five-minute breaks. The app also offers quick tests that prepare you for exams.


As a student, you may have trouble with a particular subject or misunderstand the material. Most students in high school and college experience difficulties in mathematics. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to complete homework on time. 

Modern applications assist learners in completing tasks by self-study or engaging a tutor. Besides, some textbooks have only odd number questions, and you are stuck with handling the rest. What happens if you need an answer for number 4, and only number 5 is provided? If the textbook isn’t that helpful with the answers at the back, then the apps discussed above will provide a better experience.

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