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April 19, 2021

6 Skills You Can’t Afford to Lose as a Student and Who Can Help

As a student, it is common to wonder whether the skills you learn will still be relevant when you graduate. With the world facing a lot of uncertainty, entering the job market can feel like a daunting prospect. 

It is easy to get caught up trying to follow the new trends and technologies dominating the world. That said, although there are plenty of things to learn, good grades and acquired knowledge can only help you to an extent.

So, what skills should you go after? 

We reached out to the experts offering career resources to determine which skills will give you the best chances of getting a job when you enter the market. 

Writing Skills

If you are thinking that writing essays and term papers are a waste of time, you couldn’t be more wrong. The writing assignments in college prepare you to express yourself articulately. This is one skill that can be highly beneficial to you in several scenarios. 

You will not only be able to use appropriate vocabulary suited to a formal environment, but you will also be able to equip yourself with research skills. 

Who can Help

Of course, the best people to reach out to would be your professors, to understand where you need to improve. They can give you tailored feedback, show out your weaknesses and strengths. Another way is to work alongside essay writing services such as EssayPro, or EssayHub, and get help from writing professionals. 

Complex Problem Solving

Regardless of which area of study you are pursuing, your problem-solving skills will be relevant throughout your career. Employers are hoping that their recruits will bring a fresh perspective to the old challenges they are facing. Therefore, your ability to solve problems creatively can play a big role in the recruitment process. 

In simple terms, problem-solving is about assessing situations and analyzing the data. In a workplace, this skill can help you in research, data analysis, innovation, and more. Workplace problems could vary from specific to broad tasks, and recruiters want to see candidates who can take the initiative to solve them to create positive results. 

Who can Help

If you feel confident about your critical thinking abilities, a career advice expert at SkillHub.com can help you craft a winning resume. 

For those who want to work on their critical thinking and problem solving, there are logic games available in the form of mobile applications, such as Lumosity or Peak Brain Training. 


It is no surprise that being creative can help you stand out from the crowd. It is a valuable learning pursuit that is essential for your success in school but also in your professional career. 

With the global marketplace being more competitive than ever, there is an increasing demand for creativity in every sector. Whatever the product may be, its success in the market might rely on the company’s ability to creatively present it to the market. 

Consequently, creative thinking is one skill that you need to nurture throughout your life. 

Who can Help?

There are several online courses on MOOC platforms such as Udemy and Coursera that can help you expand your creativity. Alternatively, you can also choose to continue working on any relevant hobbies – such as photography, art, and literature. 

Time Management

As a student, you should know all about the importance of proper time management. Between the lectures, part-time work, term papers, assignments, and exams, organization and time management are necessary for your survival. 

This is another skill that can translate to a successful career as well. Ask any recruiter; being able to effectively manage your time is always an attractive trait in any candidate. It can help you manage stress, avoid double-bookings, adhere to deadlines, and spend time efficiently on multiple projects simultaneously. 

Who can Help

With mobile apps such as My Study Life and AnyDo, it has become much easier for students to keep tabs on their daily life activities. These can organize your life for you, giving you room to accommodate all the different tasks. 

Alternatively, it will also be a good idea to keep a calendar. Doing this will allow you to take your organizational strategies to your job, even after you leave college.

Conversational Skills

Communication is not only about writing emails and memos. Being able to converse effortlessly is an attractive feature, regardless of your field. As a student and a professional, you will find yourself in a variety of social situations where you will need to mingle with people from all walks of life. As such, mastering the art of small talk can be immensely useful. 

Another area where your communication skills will be useful is in giving presentations. Even with an impressive slideshow, you will need to be able to establish a connection to the audience to hold their attention. 

Who can Help

Your campus itself will give you plenty of opportunities to work on your conversational skills. Take advantage of networking events, student organizations, and clubs, where you can introduce yourself to others and pick up a conversation. You can also practice speaking in public through virtual apps. 

Independent Learning

When you are in university, on many occasions, you are required to study independently. Meaning, you will need to find the materials yourself without much guidance from the teaching staff. This will need you to effectively organize your time and make the most of the available resources. 

This is a skill that is highly relevant in the current job landscape. You are expected to upskill and stay updated about the latest innovations happening in your related fields. If you have learned independently in college, you will know how to motivate yourself to take the initiative. 

As you can imagine, independent learning is something you will have to work on yourself. 

The years you spent as a student are a learning curve. It is not only your academic skills that matter. Education is about learning to improve every aspect of your life and knowing when to apply the skills you have acquired. The chances are you will pick up these skills without even realizing it.

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