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How Effective Business Leaders Resolve Conflict

July 29, 2020

Conflict is not always a bad thing in business. Occasionally, dedicated professionals may have strong opposing feelings about a critical issue. And having multiple perspectives on how best to address a problem can be very beneficial for business leaders. However, at a certain point, the conflict between employees can become toxic and counterproductive. Of course, no company should allow that to happen. Thankfully, business leaders can ensure that all of their team members stay on the same page and remain respectful to each other. Here are a few ways how:

Revamp Your Hiring Process

Making a good hire involves more than just reviewing a candidate’s C.V. and checking their qualifications. Instead, business leaders should seek out candidates who will be a good fit at their organization. Someone who holds views or values that don’t align with your company culture will likely have difficulty fitting in and making meaningful progress. It’s a good idea to ask your current team members to speak with prospective hires and bring up any red flags that you may have missed. It will prevent avoidable conflicts from flaring up in the first place.

Set Clear Roles

Professionals need to know the chain of command at their office. They should recognize where they fit within the overall company structure, and they shouldn’t have to report to multiple managers regularly. A confusing business hierarchy can irritate and frustrate professionals and lead to squabbles over responsibilities. So always set clear roles and expectations for your team.

Encourage Open Discussion

The best business leaders invite opinions from all of their team members and afford everyone the opportunity to speak when they feel compelled to do so. Letting your employees voice their opinions, questions, and concerns are important to protecting overall morale. Just make sure that all open discussions unfold respectfully and never enter the inappropriate territory.

Get Together

Most workplace conflicts can be resolved with a little understanding and a short chat between “combatants.” The bad news for business owners is that it may be challenging to get in touch with employees in person. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be willing to go the extra mile to prevent workplace conflicts from becoming problematic. For example, business leaders may decide to rent a private jet to hold a face-to-face meeting with rival team members. Getting around the table and hammering out the issue is usually the best way to manage disagreement.


Creating a successful business is a complicated and nuanced undertaking, but keeping everyone on your team happy will help maintain quality productivity. 

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