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Mohammad Alshereda
July 29, 2020

Conflict in Ukraine by Mohammad Alshereda

It has been almost 30 years of conflict between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea. Both sides blame the other for military operations in the region.

The economic status of Ukraine is getting better year by year, but the conflict with Russia persists. Conflict in any place in the world only results in harm and damage for both sides regardless of the matter’s details in question.

Only by peace can actual progress happen, only by peace can you build a great nation.

Human behavior in all its forms, even criminal one, comes from the psyche. It is fair to say that the criminal’s mind thinks differently than others, but what made it that way?

Two people can be raised in the same environment and have access to the same resources, yet one can be a peaceful person, and the other can turn out to be a criminal. One of the main purposes of psychology is to predict a man’s behavior that depends on their psyche.

Carl Jung said: “We are a great danger. Psyche is a great danger. How important it is to know something about it, but we know nothing about it”.

I still believe that people are fundamentally good.

History tells us that conflicts can only lead to war and bloodshed. How many people lost their lives and their loved ones in wars and conflicts?

I don’t think that there is a number too big.

People of Ukraine should think about what is better for them, their country, and their future.

My message to the people of Ukraine is:

“Resolve this conflict as soon as possible, and don’t let it disturb your country and distract you from progress. Aim for a life of peace and abundance for your country and the next generations”.

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